GCN Gives 10/10 To Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

GCN writes, "From the brilliant minds behind the Crash Banditcoot and Jak and Daxter series, comes the newest and Intense adventure yet."

"Naughty Dog has brought a whole new adventure in the video game world, and might I add that this is the best that we've seen yet! With superb graphics, storyline and voice over work, that game just has to be Uncharted Drakes Fortune."

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Baba19063590d ago

who cares the game rules!!!

TANOD3590d ago

However RP no site is worse that XBOX KINGS where you are a writer along with your accomplices Bloodmask/POG/DCRIDER and other horrible people on this forum

Bubble Buddy3590d ago

fanboys are a dime a dozen

Polluted3590d ago

I still never picked this up. I got Unreal instead. I don't think I made the wrong decision, but goddamn I want this game. The demo was amazing. I always throw it on when my friends who bought wii's start giving me a hard time about spending so much on a PS3. Usually shuts them up pretty quick.

Still...haven't we seen enough Uncharted reviews on this site by now?

n_n3590d ago

well, make sure you eventually pick up Uncharted. you won't be disappointed... if you thought the demo was great you'll be knocked down by the full game. it's simply a masterpiece in gaming. great experience.

cmrbe3590d ago

The acting and the script rivals movies out now. Is the best PS3 game sofar IMO.Agree with above. You will most likely not regret buying it.

Monkeynator3588d ago

The demo does not do the full game justice. I know you are thinking, well what game does, but seriously I just got the game and I was just saying "WOW". My GF was like, yeah, yeah so you got another game, what's so (it starts up) niii... "WOW". I'm trying to pace myself so I enjoy it fully.

nathen4563590d ago

I'm finally getting this game on christmas, it looks AMAZING.

TANOD3590d ago

It is rivalled only by Crysis at the moment.

However nothing on X360 comes remotely close to Uncharted in terms of graphics/AI

a few PS3 games only look almost as good as Uncharted but nothing on X360/wii comes remotely close to it

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The story is too old to be commented.