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Otaku Gaming writes "It’s the little oversights, coupled with the overambitious technical elements for a Wii game, and combat that never quite manages to gel that makes The Last Story anything but a game worth getting worked up over."

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jacksonmichael2118d ago

I'm not one to call a writer a troll, but... If the shoe fits.

Knight_Cid2118d ago

I like this site. I do not liek this review

Jihaad_cpt2118d ago

why would you like this site? They are terrible

LX-General-Kaos2118d ago

The review that was given to this game is a sticky spit to the face of Nintendo and the gaming industry as a whole. This reviewer should be damned to the blistering fires of gaming hell. With a score this terrible I would have to purchase this amazing game twice for it to get a perfect 5/5 that it naturally deserves.

If this crowning achievement got a score like this I cant even imagine the other lesser jrpgs that were sacrificed under his name.

This is absolute blasphemy and does nOt receive the Nintendo stamp of quality or approval.

Rated E for Everyone

aviator1892118d ago

Just one question: Why do you place the "Rated E for Everyone" tag at the end of your posts?

OT: I also don't agree with the reviewer, but it's his opinion nonetheless.


Because he does. That's why.

Does it bother you? You aren't one of those people who is afraid of the big N word right?........ Nintendo

Long live love+

kingdavid2118d ago

Whatever you say "Dick Dangerously".

Main_Street_Saint2118d ago

@aviator189, so that everyone could read his opinion on N4G.

My opinion is not yet rated.

Hicken2118d ago

One of the few games almost universally praised last year, and one of the even fewer that have caught my interest on the Wii.

I don't believe this score one bit.

Main_Street_Saint2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

I read this review and I have to say that I don't think that the score was unjustified. All the problems that the author stated was either not mentioned or was not as big a deal. Also it seems that the game only would have been good had it been on an HD system and not the Wii.

Just compare the scores so far given out:

Metro: 8/10 4/5 8.5/10
Eurogamer: 7/10
Edge Magazine: 8/10

Now compare with this review's score: 2.5/5

I know that a review is completely based on opinions of the person writing but to see such a difference in score, tells me something is wrong here.

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