Anecdotal evidence: Wii rain checks still available, doesn't draw crowds

Destructoid writes:

"When Nintendo partnered with GameStop to announce the Wii 'Rain Check' program, it wasn't hard to imagine the resulting lines of parents shoving one another to the ground. But according to a few GameStop store managers we spoke with, the program wasn't quite as successful as they had anticipated. One store manager we spoke with thought he would be stripped of his 18 available rain checks within minutes, but was still sitting on nine of them the following day. As a result, the rain check program was extended beyond the initial December 21 "one day only" period..."

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unsunghero283588d ago

Parents are going to wait until the last possible second before they give up on putting a Wii under the Christmas tree. An IOU isn't going to make kids happy, but the console will.

Carbon3588d ago

This systems going to crash and burn...

unsunghero283588d ago

People will just forget Brawl and Mario Kart are coming out.

No one wants to buy those, right?


mccomber3588d ago

This is America, the land of I want it NOW, not a month from now. And when now is only a few days from Christmas...

wiizy3588d ago

wii wins this console war too easy.. fanboy your nightmare will come true when wii sells even more next year.. why would it draw a crowd when its reported that there are plenty of wii's at best buys toys r us and target..

Eamon3588d ago

What exactly is this Wii Rain Check?

I live in UK

ChickeyCantor3588d ago

Its a water-prove Wii.

...neh....its something they pay now so they are guaranteed to have a Wii next month....or something

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