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"A little after the release of the Playstation Move, Sony released Playstation Move Heroes. While many people were excited to see this crossover, it turned out the game was more of a showcase of what the Move could do. Having learned their lesson, Little Deviants was included for free with the First Edition Bundle and available at launch. With a central focus on just what the Vita can do, will it dazzle gamers or will it suffer the same fate as Playstation Move Heroes? " - JPS

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SignifiedSix2332d ago

I thought the game was fun and addicting!

admiralvic2332d ago

Thats the interesting thing about Little Deviants. Some people love it and others despise it.

Rynx2332d ago

hmmmm submitted by you?...

This game is good fun

Knushwood Butt2331d ago

Really? The demo was pretty decent. I'll probably pick up the full game at some point.