140° Why Pokémon Black and White 2 is a Bad Idea

"Over the last week or so, Junichi Masuda has been promoting an upcoming announcement in the Pokémon Franchise, saying that it was huge and everyone needed to tune in to a Japanese TV show titled "Pokémon Smash" to hear about this latest news announcement. And big news it was. Masuda announced Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 -- direct sequels to last year's Black and White. The two titles will launch in June of this year (for Japan) for the Nintendo DS. Here are the top five reasons why this is a bad idea." --

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turokgames2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

wow...that was quick o.o but I do agree with the article.

--Onilink--2308d ago

well i agree in some parts, but honestly we still dont know anything about the game so i think ill just wait. I still doubt i'll buy it since i already made the jump to the 3DS, but who knows, maybe if its not grey split into 2 game and it actually has new exciting content, i could buy it

Relientk772309d ago

I don't understand why they're making sequels for Black and White, when Yellow, Blue, Red, Silver, Gold, etc. None of the other games had sequels.

-Alpha2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Sounds like easy money to me.

At least it's nice to see DS still getting support, but Pokemon is in need of a next gen shift, and some radical new concepts IMO. This just sounds like a very easy to do game for an experienced hardware which will sell millions. Low costs, max profits.

After all, if they did make a next gen Pokemon, they would lose this chance to go backwards and cash in on the opportunity of milking the final days of the DS.

I am sure there is a next gen Pokemon already in the works, and this will just ease the costs.

Shackdaddy8362309d ago

Ya. It's really confusing. They could have named it something different and no one would have known the difference...

jwk942309d ago

Because they want to switch things up? What's to understand?


Posting my comment unnecessarily as a question? It annoys me when people do that?

Abash2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Maybe because they put their greatest efforts in Black and White's story and characters. Id actually like to see more of N and a few other characters.

My guess is though that these sequels will have a new trainer and a new plot, whole new set of gym leaders, new areas added to each towns, switched up wild Pokemon encounters, etc. But still the game's content will be at least 80% based off of Black and White's content. I think they'll feel more like "remixes" than sequels with a new plot

Koloss2308d ago

For one, Nintendo did say they wanted to do something different with B/W. Well, here it is. People complain that the games never really change, but now they complain when it actually does, as slight as it may be.

Gold/Silver were indirect sequels to Red/Blue.

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Knight_Cid2309d ago

This article proves why most people shouldnt write articles.

He clearly doesnt understand portable history

red and blue were released after the color


PirateThom2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Japanese release dates

Game Boy Color - October 21, 1998
Pokemon Red/Green - February 27, 1996

Please understand portable history.

Nozzle2309d ago

It's a bad idea because it's ripping people off....

People, myself included, have been waiting for Pokemon Grey, a game which adds new features and improves the ones already found in Black and White....but the best bit is that waiting for it pays off in the end since you get everything from the two versions in one games.

Now they are tyring to scam people out of more money by seperating "Pokemon Grey" into two games and call them sequels......I mean WTF

This is unaceeptable, it's as worse as EA/Bioware with the recent ME3 DLC thing or Activision and COD......if they get called out then I think Nintendo should. In no way can I believe that people would support this or buy the games, all your doing is letting them no they can do it again so when the next gen of Pokemon comes you know your going to get a full on, obvious, "To be continued" ending.

I think this is just a way to stop people hanging on for the "final" third version of the game......

Knight_Cid2309d ago

are you retarded? You think sequels rip people off more than an enhanced port?

how backwards

LtSkittles2309d ago

Yeah, because we have so much info on the games right now, OH WAIT we don't. How do you know these don't have new features, enlighten us oh magical one.

Majin-vegeta2309d ago

I agree hopefully they make enough changes so people won't think they're getting ripped off.One thing i would love to have back is the ability to go back to the other regions that would increase replayability big time.

jwk942309d ago

You know absolutely nothing about this game, how exactly are you going to say that nothing was added?

Nitrowolf22309d ago

um usually the final third game is just a nice blend of the two title, which IMO is ripping people off.

A sequel is different then just enhanced ports.

What's wrong with having TBC in poke games?
look call it being hypocritical or whatever, but before black and white nearly all poke games have had the exact same story line. Wake up, go get pokemon, beat gym leader, oh no team rocket, capture legendary, beat elite four.
If making sequels mean entirely new story (even if it continues on from the previous game) then call me in.

I think it's about time they shifted pokemon direction.
Although both black and white story were completely different from the other, I think the actual team may be getting bored with the whole concept of the past games.

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Hufandpuf2309d ago

I never understood how releasing two versions of the same game works. Please enlighten me.

ash_divine2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Well, I'm not much of a pokemon guy, but I did play around it the ruby/sapphire/emerald era.

And if I remember correctly, they actually did have slighty different stories. But the stories kind of coexisted. (With the exception of Emerald, which kind of combined the other 2 stories.)

I also think that the pokemon on the box-art is exclusive to that respective game. But I'm not sure about this.

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