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Submitted by gaminoz 1448d ago | article

Why Call of Duty: Black Ops is Better Than Modern Warfare 3


"I know that the title of this article will probably incite some sort of negative response from a lot of people but I refuse to take it back.

Black Ops was a resounding success for Activision no matter how you look at the sales, but a lot of the Modern Warfare 2 fans were not so sure about it.

When Modern Warfare 3 came out the multiplayer offering was widely accepted as nothing short of amazing. Well I’m here to discuss why Black Ops actually had a better multiplayer component." (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

gaminoz  +   1448d ago
I don't know, I really like Seatown, but haven't been as impressed with other maps. The close quarter chaotic battles are my thing though.
joab777  +   1447d ago
Seatown is a great map but i think the writer has missed out on the ingenius nature of the cod dynamic. It began as a way for activision to release a cod every year. It is now the perfect ploy to keep cod the juggernaut that it is. I have read before that neither IW or Treyarch will step on each others toes. This means that they purposely go out of their way to make sure that they don't use the others ideas. Yes, the new spec ops was added for zombie fans but it isn't zombies. This dynamic has split the cod universe and guaranteed activision resounding sales every year. They are similar enough that all will buy both( for he most part), but different enough to garner fans of both. If u love zombies or aspects of black ops online, u are eagerly awaiting this years version, but u bought mw3 because it was close enough. Also, it assures us that the series doesn't move too fast. One company can try something, like the currency system without fearing abandonment. If gamers don't like it, well...the new MW will b out soon.

They are like a championship tag team. And while MW is in the ring now, as we have seen by recent sales numbers, he is getting tired quick. No worries though, because the "other" cod has his hand out waiting to get tagged. He is fresh and different, and this year, for the 1st time, his tag may come just in time.
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BadCircuit  +   1448d ago
I love Seatown too. I haven't played the Black Ops maps though. I played the Black Ops single player demo and was disappointed, so didn't buy it.
Relientk77  +   1448d ago
I think Black Ops is clearly better than Modern Warfare 3. I love the online multiplayer, and pretty much every map is awesome and just a blast to play on.
Game4life  +   1448d ago
Black ops is clearly better. The only thing i think the Modern warfare franchise does better is how everything unlocks and giving you not custom emblems and titles though it would be a billion times better if they had both already made ones and custom ones that you can make
BattleAxe  +   1448d ago
JeffGUNZ  +   1447d ago
I think Black Ops had some really great idea, but I feel MW3 plays smoother and faster.
Blacktric  +   1447d ago
It's like saying the poop I took last week is better than the one I took yesterday...
RioKing  +   1447d ago
^You only poop once a week? O_o
Tonester925  +   1448d ago
Treyarch changes the game everytime! World at War to Black Ops to "next title" I'm sure they will innovate. Especially the first time I blew off someones legs with the double barrel on COD:WAW and ZOMBIEZ!
Drabent  +   1447d ago
WAW rocked! It was my fav and didn't lag until the very end unlike the rest that lags bad after few weeks.
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Andreas-Sword  +   1447d ago
Modern Warfare 3 is 10 times better than CoD: Black Ops!
Black Ops is the biggest shit in the CoD history!
Lazy_Sunday  +   1447d ago
MW2 was worse than MW. Black Ops was worse than MW2. MW3 was worse than Black Ops. See a connection?

...lets not even bring up W@W, what a piece of shit that was...
The only reclaim for Treyarch's games are the Zombies, but the low frame-rate, constant nerfing and input lag is unacceptable.
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Eske  +   1448d ago
Haven't played the new one, but I prefer MW2 to BO. Visuals make a lot of difference for me.
RedDead  +   1448d ago
Should be playing BF3 then http://images2.wikia.nocook...
ZippyZapper  +   1448d ago
Why when it's just the same kind of game game? Now EA will be doing the same milking as Activision with BF then MoH then BF.

BF fanboys = still whining
EmperorDalek  +   1448d ago
Not if you're playing on consoles.
lugia 4000  +   1448d ago
Why Battlefield 3 is better than both.


Why COD4 is better than both.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1448d ago
Every CoD is better than the one after it, like so:

COD4 > MW2 > Black Ops > MW3
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Parapraxis  +   1448d ago
Go back and play's painful.
andyboy13  +   1448d ago
We just won't talk about WAW then? That being said, I really hated WAW
GamingTruth  +   1448d ago
better, and more boring your right
Sony360  +   1447d ago
Why watching people say each COD rendition isn't as good as the last is getting old.

Why all COD games don't deserve the sales they get since COD4.
BulletToothtony  +   1448d ago
Black Ops auto aim is stronger than the MW versions.. also the lag compensations is horrendous on Black Ops making 3 burst weapons like the M16, or G11 pointless to use, since those are my fave type of weapons Black Ops or any Treyarch game from now on has become a NO Buy
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brettyd  +   1448d ago
Black Ops blows MW3 out of the water in every possible way.
FinaLXiii  +   1448d ago
You got the "LOL" and the "Cool Story Bro" awards congratulations.
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GamingTruth  +   1448d ago
i love people like you, you come to these pro, primarily pc first and call of duty hate sites secondly, and you get a couple of agrees, and i guess you feel that your right about this crap you say, if you think boring black ops was better then feel free, but to me black ops was the first and only cod since cod 4 that i traded in pre maturely, other than world at war which didnt last 1 week, only thing that made me play black ops so long was my friends, i know one thing is i would hate to be drowned in false fortifying of what i say in support of agrees and thumbs up on sites like this and gametrailers, thus building me even more into a false truth
brettyd  +   1448d ago
will someone get this kid a happy meal?!
Hufandpuf  +   1448d ago
Both of them suck though.
FinaLXiii  +   1448d ago
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GamingTruth  +   1448d ago
games that suck must really sell well, oh, and wait, i know that "sales dont equal quality" which is the redundant idiocy that the internet is unanimously known for spouting on sites like this, but despite "sales dont equal quality" all your trashing call of duty comments and downtalking the games and series, the sales of the franchise are yet growing, so if "sales dont equal quality" and the quality is really bad, then theres no way that the game is putting up the numbers that it is week by week especially when your brainwashing comments like on this post have covered the internet for about 3 or 4 maybe 5 years now and not stopping anytime soon, your more and more showing me that this way of thinking is only online and it is rooted from online, and your trying to get this crap from online to offline, oh well call of duty is going to continue to thrive over your favorite games
BuffMordecai  +   1448d ago
By all means, keep playing your shit games, and boosting about sales that don't benefit you at all. I be over here playing games that are actually worth a damn. While you're at it, watch Twilight and listen to Justin Bieber, their sales must mean they have excellent quality.
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JeffGUNZ  +   1447d ago
@ Buff. You're an idiot. MW3 is fun, plain and simple. Sure, its not the best game out there or most innovative game, but it is fun to play. Also, grow up with your pathetic puns about listening to justin beiber and watching twilight. I enjoy COD and don't like either. I like to play video games and have fun. Isn't that what is used to be about?
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perdie  +   1447d ago
JeffGUNZ is a BOSS plain and simple!!
TheGOODKyle  +   1448d ago
Why Everything is Better Than Call of Duty

^^ the real topic here
Drabent  +   1447d ago
Becareful I was kicked for 3 days for trolling....althrough u tellin the true.
TheGOODKyle  +   1447d ago
I honestly don't care. CoD has ruined so many aspects of gaming it deserve to be trolled.
360ICE  +   1448d ago
And next week on
"Why crap is better than garbage"

On second thought that was this week.
Gamer-Z  +   1448d ago
After COD4 they just been getting worse, so yes black ops is better than mw3 and mw3 will be better than the next COD and that one will be better than the next and the next and next and........................... ...
Rezka  +   1448d ago
Cod 4
Pros:Good gameplay and nice maps
Cons:Juggernaut perk and bad lag
Pros:Good maps and gameplay
Cons:commando perk,oma,overpowered secondary weapons
Pros:Good gameplay
Cons: bad lag,few good maps,new perks make game unplayable,machine pistols rules the entire game,same game modes barely anything new,Type 95 being too overpowered,no stopping power perk so everyone uses assassin.

Pros:Very nice gameplay,close to being balanced
Cons:Ghost,bad detection
BraveToaster  +   1447d ago
Bad lag for CoD 4? I take it we didn't play the same CoD 4
SAE  +   1447d ago
if you have bad network you would understand that , i had bad network , i always have red connection but i understood how to play with red connection , i even kill 30 or even more in red :)
Drabent  +   1447d ago
Its funny BF3 don't lag, Socom 4 don't lag, R3 lags alil but the guys die when I shoot them......COD games play good first weekish of release then lag so bad I have to quit playing the game.....I have charters highest speed so....
SAE  +   1447d ago
perfect game to me

amazing game too because it was something new too

it's a good game but disapointing game compared to cod4

Black ops
have good campaign and zombies but the online sucks , always lag even with green connection

the worst by far , the campaign was ok , nothing special in it , the special ops is the best thing about it but the multiplayer sucks , maps and weapons aren't good , it feels lag too , i didn't have fun in it alot

campaign sucks , co-op is amazing , multiplayer depends on people , i liked it , i had alots of fun playing it but all my 5 brothers didn't like it at all

this my experience on these games :)
bunfighterii  +   1448d ago
Maps yes, game no. Blops is poorly made, it has major frame rate problems and the hit detection is still fucked.
Oldman100  +   1447d ago
Black Ops for ps3 is one of the most unpolished games I've ever had the displeasure of playing. How they were allowed to release it in such a state is beyond anything humanity could ever understand.
bunfighterii  +   1445d ago
what's worse are its sale numbers.
Sony360  +   1447d ago
Played Blops on the PC and it seemed fine to me. Imagine that.

Why do you people buy COD games when all you end up doing is complaining they aren't as good?
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Brownghost  +   1448d ago
how about this, there both terrible
Sony360  +   1447d ago
nano88  +   1448d ago
black ops better than modern warfare 3 ? lmfao yeah right
nutcrackr  +   1448d ago
One reason I stopped playing black ops was because 50% of the servers on PC were playing nuketown 24/7. MW3 is awful though.
EmperorDalek  +   1448d ago
Black Ops. MW3 has better co-op though.
RGB  +   1448d ago
How about playing neither?
BraveToaster  +   1447d ago
"On many occasions I have spawned and been dead within a few seconds. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN!"
That happens in just about every Call of Duty, and even in Battlefield.
iamamedic   1447d ago | Spam
Basjohn  +   1447d ago
Isn't this like comparing human feces and dog feces? They're both fundamentally poop.

New games please. Even movie companies stop milking IP by this point, or else we'd be on Casablanca XXV by now.
bahabeast  +   1447d ago
i never played mw3 yet but black ops is realli realli fun to play multiplayer i enjoyed alot more than mw2

its obvious why they keep certain stuff different its so they can always have sales for people who loved black ops they will go for treyarch next game quick and vice versa with infinity ward or watever the new ppl be
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kraze07  +   1447d ago
I personally found MW2 and BO to be disappointing, but actually got some fun out of MW3.
trenso1  +   1447d ago
I hated black ops, but looking back it wasn't the horrible game I made it out to be, yes it was still not a great game but if I hadn't played it so much maybe I wouldnt have disliked it much. But mw3 I can't stand to play. Only played it for about 2 hours got to level 40 something and gave the game back to my cousin.
torchic  +   1447d ago
same. played MW3 for like an hour then put it back on the shelf. don't see why people enjoy playing that killstreak/camper fest.

in MW3 you get raped by carpet bombs, reapers, ospreys, over-powered squadS of helicopters etc. all match long. on the loosing team you always see 12/28 or worse K/D's for everyone on that team.

Black Ops was all about gun on gun gameplay. getting killstreaks in BO felt more like a reward than in MW3. I honestly think IW have forgotten why they introduced killstreaks in the first place.
trenso1  +   1447d ago
True and I really feel like iw spring boards off of treyarchs ideas but doesnt want to copy them exactly so they make a crappier version. Example: treyarchs makes zombies iw does spec ops, treyarch makes the black bird iw makes a slower crap version of it, treyarch allow custom game mode and gameplay replay videos iw does the same. Im starting to think treyarch makes the ideas and iw just is held at a higher regard because of their name.
torchic  +   1447d ago
yea IW definitely do rip off from Treyarch, and it isn't at all surprising. it's probably safe to say that Treyarch is the main dev of the CoD series now. IW lost the plot after Zampella and his crew left to open up Respawn. IW even had to call up two other studios to help develop MW3 that's how bad it was.

but you're absolutely right about how people still regard IW. there are people out there who didn't even try Black Ops only because it wasn't developed by IW. don't get why this opinion of IW being so great still exists.
trenso1  +   1447d ago
Precisely what I was thinking, whats worse is that it took 3 studios to make a game that looked and felt like one from 2 years ago. I hope whatever respawn comes up with this or next gen is phenomenal.
Neoprime  +   1447d ago
Black Ops is better because it has bots.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1447d ago
I'm not gonna be a hypocrite here, @Relientk77 comments like that wouldn't even apply to Black Ops anytime before MW3 got released. Just last year people were saying "All the maps are too small." The hit Markers are way off." "The guns don't play realistically.""The game Spawns and lag is terrible". etc Basically ppl were bashing black ops relentlessly. Now that MW3 got released everyone praises Black ops.

My personal Opinion is yeah, when its all said and done Black ops felt like a "better" cod because it felt fresher than MW3 did. I was actually shocked that MW3 felt extremely similar to MW3. So I agree Black Ops was a much fresher experience which made it a better game, but I won't praise black ops though.
RioKing  +   1447d ago
bots, wager matches, and the dolphin dive FTW
Piegoose  +   1447d ago
Better Title: "Why do Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 suck?"
Answer: Recycled stuff from the actual good cods

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