Pokémon Black and White 2 revealed on Pokémon Smash!

In another rare personal appearance on Pokémon Smash!, Game Freak director Junichi Masuda has announced that Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 are in development, and will be released in Japan in June for the Nintendo DS. The games were also announced on the official English website.

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Archaic2252d ago

Looks like these games will be direct sequels to the B&W storyline.

I posted full translations for the tweets Masuda made during and after the Pokémon Smash broadcast to the Bulbagarden forums, which you can view here.

MoreRPG2252d ago

this is the first time i dont like the design of a pokemon and why is this for ds and not 3ds

rezzah2252d ago

cheaper, more profit.

Toman852252d ago

Nice announcment but this wont see a 3DS release, thats bad enough for me...

Moncole2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I remember I saw an article that Pokemon Black/White looked better on the 3DS and had an extra feature

I am sure they will do the same again

Stephen55432252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Except Black/White didn't look better on the 3DS (due to the resolution being higher on the 3DS than the DS) and there was absolutely no new features for if you played it on the 3DS. Same exact gameplay experience as playing it on a DSi.

You probably got it from either IGNs aricle or someone who reads IGN. They posted (before Black/White released) that it would have additional features if played on a 3DS. Shortly after posting that, Nintendo debunked that by saying that there wouldn't be any additional features for it if played on a 3DS (and seeing as I played it on a 3DS as well as a DSi XL I know that there is no difference between the two.) It's unfortunate, but Black 2 and White 2 probably won't get better features either.

mamotte2251d ago

No, you heard it wrong. Maybe you're refering about an extra feature between DSi and DS Lite, that being the use of the cameras for videochat.

abc12332252d ago

the mascots just look ridiculous now, much prefer their normal forms. I'm also pretty disappointed that it's not on the 3DS, it would have been really interesting to see what they could have done with the hardware boost. Having said that, it is the first direct sequel in the entire series so I'm pretty excited. Hopefully they'll manage to throw in some of the older regions along with some new places since it would be pretty boring to go over the same places as the previous game.

Starbucks_Fan2252d ago

Unexpected but hey, at least there hasn't been any DLC in the series.

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The story is too old to be commented.