Movie Games : Why Are They So Bad?

Licensed movie games have been around almost as long as the gaming industry itself. Join DPAD's Andrew Martins as he takes a look at some recent film-to-game failures and asks the question: "Why are they so bad?"

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name4009d ago

Spiderman 2's game was perfect. Movie games aren't always bad.

UnblessedSoul4009d ago

The only good bits about spiderman 2 was webbing around the city and jumping off the tallest buildings

MaximusPrime4009d ago

i hate Spiderman games. Purely because of crap storyline and plot.

I agree with UnblessedSoul.

v1c1ous4009d ago

last good movie games?

killer_trap4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

oh how nostalgic. thanks man. you reminded me of those games. Aladdin on the SNES was amazing, i loved it. and the lion king had the best music in a video game of that era. here's a bubble.

Kaneda4009d ago

Robotcop wasn't bad...

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The story is too old to be commented.