Fans show a public display of affection for PS3

PS3 Fanboy writes:

SCEA recently held a short film contest, where people were asked to submit videos showcasing their love of PS3 on the internet through "public displays of affection" for publishing on YouTube. SCEA has just unveiled the three winners, all of whom we're proud to showcase here. They each won a PS3 system and five games. Check out the winners, and tell us which one is your favorite.

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Meus Renaissance3648d ago

The first one was the best. The other two were just hilarious

TwissT3648d ago

The first one is really good it seems like it is a commercial, but the other 2 are really abismal.

Charlie26883648d ago

The quality of the first one is just INSANE O.O

there is also a BRUTAL gap between the quality of the other ones >.>

SuperSaiyan43648d ago

Damn PS3 loyalists are really well loyal arent they even without decent games or exclusives and tons of delays etc. Wow just wow.

TANOD3648d ago

that cartoon halo 3 is the only game you have

Bioshock and Gears are on PC as well

HS ,RAtchet,Uncharted,UT3, Resistance,motorstorm,Ngs are miless better than anything that x360 has to offer

PLUS PS3 has TRUE NEXT GEN GAMES like UNCHARTED ---something which the XBOXERS will never have in their Lifetime

even though all x360s are 100% defective you BOTS purchase it /pay for useless onlin/wifi . At the end you end up paying way more for a console that HAS NO TRUE NEXT GEN GAMES

Darkiewonder3648d ago

in the end. they'll have a free system with games. I don't see how that's bad. I could easily pretend to love a brand to get free stuff. Who wouldn't? ;3

UnblessedSoul3648d ago

First one is really good, second ones funny third ones shi!

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The story is too old to be commented.