Patcher: "Wii U won't save Nintendo"; "35% of Wii customers lost to FB and phones"

GB : Michael Pachter, the famous analyst is at it again, and he posted in NeoGAF saying that the Wii U won't be able to save Nintendo, and they won't be profitable anytime soon.

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Knight_Cid2002d ago

pachter needs to be ignored.

He is never right

Handhelds are under attack are they?

Is that why the 3ds was the number 1 system sold in 2011?

Is that why 3ds sales have tripled ds sales in the US during the first year? Is that why?

““People who have handhelds are either hardcore Mario nuts or kids under 12.”

So that would be 16 million people worldwide now? more than the ds had sold in its first fiscal year.

Pachter is known as the fool of the game industry for a reason. He is never right

nintendo has said they will be profitable this year. WHat the fuck does he know

Karooo2002d ago

Why are you reporting for this? Are you that butthurt? He is still a prominent person and his opinions are relevant.

Kain812002d ago

So relevant, wie ein feuchter Furz...This is, what we here in germany would say...

Knight_Cid2002d ago

1 bubble troll, typical...........are you that butthurt that you had to post this?

He isnt a prominent person and his opinions arent even slightly relevant.
He admits hes always wrong

LX-General-Kaos2002d ago

Pachter is doing his best to smear the Nintendo brand name, but Nintendo supporters don't listen to fanboys or people like pachter. Nintendo is the driving force of the videogame industry. Leading the industry forward with bleeding edge tech and innovative gameplay.

It will take much more then the opinion of a washed up Mrs Cleo wannabe to stop the force that is Nintendo.

Once the Nintendo systems are both released they can work together like The Rock and Sock connection, the APA, LOD, The Hardy Boyz. Walking hand in hand together to take the gaming industry to the next level.

Even the hater Michael Pachter himself will own a Nintendo console and will have the right to experience Nintendos world class in house exclusives. He will also be able to participate in Project Rainfall. There is still hope for people like him.

Rated E for Everyone

-Alpha2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

What is "bleeding edge" tech? That sounds pretty hardcore

Mind you, Nintendo has made technologies that have failed, but I agree that you have to give them props for thinking more outside the box. They may not be on par with some of the traditional stuff (graphical technology and online), but I have always appreciated their alternative hardware methods and seemingly immortal software

While the Facebook and phone market are definitely competing against Nintendo a bit, Patcher seems to forget that there are hardcore Nintendo gamers who have always supported Nintendo, and I fail to see how Wii U will suffer as a home device when 3DS, a direct competitor, didn't suffer as badly as some thought it would. Nintendo doesn't need saving, their 3DS sales and success this gen will keep them more than happy and I'm sure Wii U wont offset that

For those interested, here is the context of his post:

kneon2002d ago

And he happens to be right this time, at least mostly right, the basic assumptions are correct though the actual numbers are probably wrong.

A significant segment of the Wii market is casual gamers and a significant percentage of those won't bother to upgrade to the Wii U. The only thing to argue about is how many won't upgrade.

StanSmith2002d ago

@kneon Nintendo know they have lost some casuals which is why they are trying to make good with the Core gamers and third parties.

I happen to think that this time, Nintendo will get it right with the WiiU, if the 3ds is anything to go by.

Screw Pachter. The bloke is a muppet.

kneon2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )


So far the haven't really shown much to bring back the hard core audience.

The controller isn't going to do it. While it could be useful in some hard core games it's better suited to casual games.

The Wii U should be more powerful than the existing HD consoles but it's unlikely to be all that much more powerful. Nintendo don't typically sell hardware at a loss and they need to keep the price down which is going to limit how powerful it can be.

Their online is unlikely to be far ahead of live or PSN so that's not going to do it either.

As for their exclusives that will only help to retain their existing fans.

Mike_Tha_Hero2002d ago

Agreed. People on this site are amazingly ignorant lol.


StanSmith2002d ago


Cmon, man. Look at the games available for the 3DS. Are you seriously gonna say Nintendo achieved nothing there to appeal to the Core?

As for WiiU, the amount of third parties pledging support to it should tell you something. Games like Darksiders, Batman, Alien Colonial Marines and Ghost Recon confirmed for WiiU. If they aren't core titles then Nintendo best just give up because they won't be able to please anybody.

In regards to Online, on the few Wii games that do have online, they all worked and they worked flawlessly. No lag, no dodgy servers that take patch after patch to fix.

As for the power of the console, we already know it is more powerful than the PS3 & 360. This has been confirmed by numerous developers. Will it be as powerful as PS4 and the Next Xbox? No but it won't get left behind on multiplat games like the Wii was.

Nintendo has everything going for them. A possible casual and core appeal, a new way to play home consoles, powerful HD hardware and full third party support. I can't see how they could screw it up.

sikbeta2002d ago


This is the guy was claiming the Wii-HD was coming in 2009... never happened :D

The only thing good he does is playing captain obvious with some of his "predictions" anything else is crap!

theWB272002d ago

Hes like the Mel Kiper of videogames. His opinion is heard but holds a grain of salt.

kneon2002d ago


I'm not saying the core titles won't be available. The question is will the Wii U versions offer enough for people to jump from the PS3 or XBox to go to the Wii U version. So far other than the possibility of better graphics I haven't seen anything compelling enough to get mass adoption from the PS3 and XBox crowd. If graphics was all it takes then everyone would be on PC.

Soldierone2002d ago

He isn't....he is the reason we get these absolutely stupid rumors and bandwagon trains started. Handhelds have been doomed how many times in his eyes? 3DS was supposed to die when?

Wasn't he the one that said consoles will be gone by next generation too? For someone with a job in the video game industry he sure does want it destroyed....

zag2002d ago

It all depends on what price Nintendo go with if it's cheap like the Wii then it'll do fine.

People don't play heaps of games on their phone because the battery doesn't last long.

The 3D games can chew up a GS battery in 10 mins easy, then you have nothing but a paper weight, the GSII etc with multi cores will be far quicker to kill the battery.

That's why LG and HTC new quad core phones have a very large battery but quad core will just quick, they are just hoping the large battery will be enough to keep it going for a good amount of time.

Tablets are the same deal.

Plus phones and tablets can only do so much, the Wii games do so much more than any phone game could.

BattleAxe2002d ago

This is one of the few times that I think Pachter is bang on.

clearelite2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

53 people disagree karoo. Patcher doesn't work for the gamers, he's a figure head used to manipulate gullible people(or more of an entertainer). The fact that he is "prominent" yet often wrong should make you a bit wary.

It's try that the 3DS is shaping up to be the most successful handheld ever. Hopefully the Vita will follow suite. I will continue to buy what I please.

Honestly, there are plenty of socalled experts all over the place, and they are only relevant if you think they are :D

Btw, not saying I dislike patcher... I just wouldn't take him seriously and prefer to use my own brain.

Nintendo needs saving all of a sudden?

Gaming1012002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Pachter's comments all come from his gut, same as George Bush, and look what that kind of decision making results in?

Pachter has no idea whether his claims are correct, he looks at pieces of industry data and then makes gut predictions that mean basically nothing, but do you think investors would know any different if his decisions were crap or not? The industry doesn't care that much if you're right 100% of the time, its noone's jobe to be right all the time, investors just want someone else to give them some hope about their investments, someone who studies the industry and the data. Literally, anyone with a business degree can look at the industry and predict trends, its easy as pie, its just now always easy to be right all the time.

SilentNegotiator2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Pachter rarely uses fact or precedence in his predictions, so I generally ignore things that he says.

That said, I think he brought up an interesting point, even if he pulled the 35% figure out of his rearend.

Think about 2006 (Wii launch), things like tablets, smart phones, facebook games, etc were not even half as prevalent. And look at them now. The Wii has the LOWEST attach rate. Many of the more casual gamers (part of the Wii's audience) won't bother with something like the ps3, 360, or Wii U.

"Pachter is doing his best to smear the Nintendo brand name"
What does he gain from supposedly "smearing" the Nintendo brand name, exactly?

Anon19742001d ago

He's an analyst. That's his job. He's not in it to "smear" anyone, he's in it to inform the investors, brokers, other analysts so that they can make informed investment decisions. They pay his firm for that information and he wouldn't have a job if his opinion wasn't correct more often than not.

Personally, I don't like the guy - but there's not denying that when you look at his track record he's right far more often than he's wrong. I just wish he'd keep his opinion firmly in his reports and stopped spewing every thought that pops into his head to twitter, forums, etc...

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fluffydelusions2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

I just want to know who pays Patcher. Seriously even the guy himself said he is only right about 2% of the time. Better off asking the magic 8 ball, you have a better chance of getting the right answer.

Moncole2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Zynga probably pays him seeing how he says nothing bad about them. He said Zynga is doing great

SilentNegotiator2002d ago

"I just want to know who pays Patcher"

Gametrailers for one. A site that imports all of its awesome content (buying temp rights to episodes of AVGN, Mega64, EpicBattleCry, etc).

It's own original content involves Geoff, Invisible Walls, and Pachter. *Shivers*

Queefy_B2002d ago

The common theme these days seems to be the better the device (assuming the wii-u has great graphics and proper third party support) the worse it sells, i am a regular gambler and i would bet massive money that wii-u wont sell as much as the wii or ds, oddly because it will be a better (but more expensive machine) people these days love "CHEAP" and thats not gonna change,

The wii from a techinal standpoint was a POS (anyone that disagree,s should bear in mind it had alot of trouble running house of the dead 3 a 10 year old arcade game) and has aweful 3rd party support (No games like ssf4,mvc3,resident evil,battlefield, i could go on and on) but yet outsells ps3 and 360....AMAZING

Theres a serious problem this Gen THE BETTER A DEVICE THE WORSE IT SELLS

Pack a device with weak hardware and low amount of features (and no proper network or store for dlc content) i will wait to see nintendo network and revise that statment accordingly.. and watch it fly off the shelves...Hmm

Build a feature packed and greatly supported device and suffer the consequences for having it only 40-70 dollars/euro extra....CRAZY

Titanz2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

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R1CAN6172002d ago

Kids under 12 & Mario nutts really O_0

n4f2002d ago

its called anal-yst(analyst). its not really a job but people are paid to talk trash. once i was watching a hockey game the anal-yst said that the way the player was holding the stick hes was able to say if hes happy confident.

metsgaming2002d ago

Even if they lost that much its still pretty good lol

TheUnbiasedLion2002d ago

He was wrong about handhelds, but right a little bit in that smart phones have gained some of the market it but no where near what he predicited.

He is supposed to speculate it's is jobs, am sure on a pach attack episode he said that he has only hit the nail on the head once with game sales etc.

He dosn't pull it out of thin air he goes by what everyone says. I am glad he is wrong though AND I HOPE HE IS WRONG ON THIS TOO.

fatstarr2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

He needs to save his criticism and comments for sony and the things they are going through with the vita and everything else.

because nintendo is doing just fine

DS is alive with pokemon black and white 2
3DS has tons of games coming
wii has all the major RPGS coming
wii u will claim a fair share at e3. they are setting up for something big.

kindi_boy2002d ago

What the hell are you talking about?! No need for all of this, Patcher's whole logic is false simply because the Wii U is not targeted towards casual gamers.

deep_fried_bum_cake2002d ago

I would say that's debatable. A huge company like Nintendo is out for profit. The aim towards the casual market in this gen brought them huge profits, they wouldn't throw that away by suddenly changing back their focus to core gamers. Plus the Wii U certainly does not look like a console intended for core gamers.

360ICE2002d ago

Ok, you are obviously not the brightest kid in the jar (?), but at least you're not an analyst, I'll give you that. Pachter is surprisingly incompetent.