Will falling Blu-Ray and HD DVD player prices decide a winner?

Jonathan Schlaffer writes, "Many consumers have just stayed away from the Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD war, partly because of high prices and partly because some do not have a high-def TV to take advantage of it. Those with high-def TVs are still abstaining from siding with one over the other pending an uncontested champion."

"For a brief time during November 2007, Toshiba made its model HDA2 HD-DVD player available for $100 for a short time. The newest models, the HDA3 and HDA30 are priced at $249 and $299, respectively. The Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on can be purchased for around $170."

"Current Blu-Ray player prices start at $300 and go up to $600, which puts it in closer but not quite equal competition with HD DVD. The Register thinks an upcoming price war will decide the winner."

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Meus Renaissance3837d ago

Price isn't such a major factor considering, even with the considerably cheaper HD-DVD alternative, the consumers chose to go Blu. Although I dont think the war has officially ended, it's safe to say no one expects a change with the current trend of Blu-Ray dominating that market.

Monchichi0253837d ago

That is why the majority of the stand alone HD players are HD-DVD's. Honestly, the only reason that Blu-ray is even a factor is because Sony forced people to adapt Blu-Ray by putting it in the PS3. You have to admit that if it wasn't included, HD-DVD would have won a LONG time ago. But it was a brilliant move on Sony's part in terms of Videos. (Not so much in trem of games as that is the major reason why it isn't winning by now.)

I myself chose to go with HD-DVD after carefully balancing the two. My major sell was the lower price. And in if any case HD-DVD were to lose....imagin how cheap I'll be able to buy all the movies in the future!! Then I'll just upgrade to a combo player and have all these great movies!!! You just can't lose by choosing HD-DVD at the lower price!!

Snukadaman3837d ago

most people dont realize that hd-dvd and blu-ray upconverts regular people think if they purchase one or the other they are stuck with just buying hd-dvds or blu-rays...they dont want too spend money on a player that is stuck in one format.

Close_Second3837d ago

...the fact that you have to buy both to be able to playback all HD releases. Until all studios are releasing on one or both formats I'm not investing in this technology.

CodeMonkey73837d ago

Your opinion doesn't. Find a hobby besides spending your whole life on N4G. You are a racist piece of crap!

-ElementX forever

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mighty_douche3837d ago

The only people really interested in HD are tech heads and people who like the best or to show off their set-up's. These people dont buy cheap crap anyway.

blackmagic3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Blu-ray players aren't more expensive because they are higher quality, they are more expensive because they are more complex. The data tracks on a Blu-ray disc are smaller and closer together in order to achieve higher disc capacity. This means that the pick-up has to be more accurate and the optical lenses more precisely produced in order to read the data reliably. The higher accuracy and precision required to reliably read the data means the pick-up assembly is more expensive. Additionally, the data layer on a Blu-ray is at 0.1mm vs 0.6mm on a DVD (btw, many Blu-ray players are not compatible with CDs). If the player is to be backwards compatible with DVD then the pick-up is required to be able to focus the laser at two data depths further increasing the complexity of the whole assembly which in turn increases the cost of the unit again. The long term reliability of a mechanical assembly that is more complex and requires more precision will incur higher warranty costs proportionally higher with the complexity of the device. These costs have to be anticipated and worked into the price of the device again increasing the cost of the players.

Let us be entirely clear here. Blu-ray players are more expensive because of the decisions they made to achieve a higher disc capacity and they will always be more expensive to produce than HD DVD players by the very nature of their design. I would also argue that the higher complexity required by the technology will ultimately result in lower reliability as is the nature of all complex mechanical devices. Lower reliability would be a key factor in a device that I consider to be 'cheap'.

BigKev453837d ago

Blu Ray will win the war.

joemomma3837d ago

I think this falls under the "who gives a sh%t?" category.

name3837d ago

It's really confusing to me. I don't know what it takes for people to declare the war "over". Blu ray has been winning every single week since it started, it has most of the media support and it's outselling it with players AND it has the PS3 giving it well over 7 million potential blu ray buyers. Just because some studios got payed for exclusivity doesnt mean the war should drag on.

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