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Skyrim with Amazing Graphics: GTA Modder Gionight Shows 37 Sexy and Breathtaking Screenshots

Modder Gionight show us some impressive new modding shots from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. (PC, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

mstoner82  +   1369d ago
Wow...these are amazing!
meetajhu  +   1369d ago
Only on PC :D
inveni0  +   1369d ago
Yes. I want this mod. Some of those outfits are awesome.

I wish these modders would just get together and build a game.
DragonKnight  +   1368d ago
@meetajhu: Congratulations Captain Obvious, you've done your job. Would you like a cookie? I mean, it's not like we can't see that this is in the PC section at all. I thought this was only on the NES.

I wonder if this is going to get the same treatment as those GTAIV mods that we were flooded with a few months ago. What was that engine called? Ice Engine or something.
NewMonday  +   1368d ago
what do i need to install this
SolidStoner  +   1368d ago
@ newmonday

how about PC? :D
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Hellsvacancy  +   1368d ago
Good graphics, still a borin game though
sofocado  +   1368d ago
Good graphics, and still an exciting game though
MaxXAttaxX  +   1368d ago
Good graphics, but still... you know, boring.
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inveni0  +   1368d ago
Though I can't defend myself, I've disagreed with calling this game boring. If it IS boring, then it's the most time I've ever spent with a boring video game (or any game, for that matter) at just about 80 hours.
Crazyglues  +   1368d ago
ok Wow, just Wow..... Really Amazing

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MsclMexican  +   1368d ago
OK... sure these mods look good.. but have you forgotten they are on PC?

That PS3 tag has a time and place... this is not one of those.
Tr10wn  +   1368d ago
lol? PS3?
Crazyglues  +   1367d ago
OMG!! you people are so silly, I put My PS3 tag because I'm a PS3 gamer...

So I was just speaking as a PS3 person who would love to see a mod's come to the console..Maybe PC gamers don't see this as that amazing because they see it all the time, but for a PS3 gamer that looked really amazing to me.

so when people say stupid stuff like this is not the time or place to say you are a PS3 gamer, I find that to be really dumb..

Of course it's always time to say I'm a PS3 gamer, how else would you know - that my perspective is coming from someone gaming on PS3 who would love to be able to add a mod like this to the console version...

I'm just saying my view comes from being a PS3 gamer, but automatically the fanboys come out and it's flame on!...

think for two seconds before you comment, and go all fanboy...

||.........___||.......____|| GAMER <---here maybe this will help you
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Pain  +   1368d ago
i blame errr. you all know... for no mods on consoles.

just saying that cuz its true...cuz we could all have been having fun with boobies.
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MsclMexican  +   1368d ago
This is the same guy who made the GTA 4 Ice Enhancer Mod right?

So I have one question


His work is amazing... Looking forward to going to Uni as I can get myself a good gaming PC and play some of these user mods.

Time like this make me feel like a f**king dumba$$ for buying Skyrim on my PS3
Jdub895O  +   1369d ago
Seriously wtf...this doesnt even look like the same game im playing on ps3! Why isnt this guy working with the devs? Probably the best in game graphics i have ever seen. In fact this is what i expected for the next elder scrolls.... All i have to say im blown away by these graphics and to be honest i havent been blown away in a VERY long time.....
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theeg  +   1369d ago
the pc versions of most multiplats look that much better man, you got to get a gaming pc if you want graphics like that, compared to the withcer 2 maxed out, those character models don't even look that great.


my brother has the 360 version of skyrim, it doent even look close to the pc version of oblivion, let alone how amazing the pc version of skyrim looks. heck, morrowind on pc with mods looks better than the console version of skyrim.

but the consoles do AMAZING things for having hardware over 7 years old in them.
ChrisW  +   1369d ago
I wouldn't go as far as to say Morrowind looks better on PC than Skyrim on consoles... That's a bit too much.

However, Oblivion on PC does look rather nice in comparison!

BTW, your link is broken.
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Ocelot525  +   1369d ago
I don't what you were smoking, but unlike skyrim oblivion on the PC is graphically equal(apart from resolution and AA) to the PS3/360. the PS3 version of oblivion even has anisitropic filtering, on the PC this is only available when you force it on your GPU control panel.

source: i have oblivion both on the PC and on the PS3
(my steam profile : http://steamcommunity.com/p...

So theeg, i would kindly ask you to stop making things up.
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pr0digyZA  +   1368d ago
You need to recheck again Ocelot525. I had oblivion on PS3 and there was quite a difference, yes AA and resolution, but also grass distance was half of PC also grass amount, Draw distance was less, objects that popped in was also a lot more. Go look at some HD comparison shots on you tube. Also your "profile" says you've played like 1 hour?
frozenfish  +   1368d ago
Agreed Jdub, these truly are spectacular. I wish he could release a video of the game in action!!
Ekmez  +   1369d ago
What... What is this magic?

Seriously though this looks beyond amazing.
ChrisW  +   1369d ago
Honestly, I see nothing overly exciting here. Those who have a PC and use the STEAM Workshop or Skyrim Nexus for mods know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. There are already tons of mods that do what you see.

If he can come up with an overhaul for all of the textures that can double or even triple the quality of "Skyrim HD - 2K Textures" mod (on Skyrim Nexus) then I will be duly impressed!!!
Ekmez  +   1369d ago
Yeah I've heard those texture packs and mods that are up on the Nexus and STEAM are awesome but are they really on this level? The character models look to be custom and WTF IS THAT A BEAR GRIFFIN THING W/ HORSE ARMOR?
ChrisW  +   1369d ago

That's one of the mods from Skyrim Nexus. It's called "Jango PET-MOUNT Sabrecat" uploaded by rbfloat05.
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pr0digyZA  +   1368d ago
Chris is right those mods are on nexus the only thing that looks truly custom is some of his enb sittings. Great looking pictures though. From what I can see he has added some of these mods:
hair and body http://skyrim.nexusmods.com...
Realistic water and terrain
2k textures
jango mount (tons of other mounts like ghost horses etc..)
plant overhaul

etc... I dont know what enb setting he using although it looks like he's tweaked it himself but I personally love

There are thousands of mods. I thought I could play as Geralt from the witcher looked and there was already a mod, wanted lord of the rings weapons-already made, wanted final fantasy weapons- already made. Theres actually too much to choose from.
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TronEOL  +   1367d ago
I'd like to know exactly what settings and mods this guy was using since his looks infinitely more amazing than mine does even with the all the mods I have installed.

I keep thinking these pictures I'm seeing are screenshots of Skyrim using mods, then photoshopped to look even better.

If anyone knows these exact mods & settings being used, can you PM me, or just reply here the details?
pr0digyZA  +   1367d ago
I would recommend going through this neoGAF forum as lots of the modders post what enb settings they use and what mods they use. Gio seems like a nice guy im sure if you PM him he will give you what mods and settings he uses. Otherwise just look at other peoples over there because they arevery good as well.

Just be warned some enb's require a good computer (luckily if it's too much then just copy old settings back over).
ZippyZapper  +   1369d ago
Only reason I clicked was because of the ass
Tainted Gene  +   1369d ago
ain't it always
DlCK_DANGEROUSLY  +   1369d ago
Sexy? Really?

Hey whatever floats your boat I guess. Who am I to determine what is defined as "normal" anyway. I just don't personally find inanimate object attractive.

Long live love °
DlCK_DANGEROUSLY  +   1369d ago
Lmfao. You disagree that IIIIIII don't find something equal to a lamp stimulating?

What a bunch of virgins!
egidem  +   1368d ago

Awww....troll ran out of bubblies.
DragonKnight  +   1368d ago
They disagree with your attitude. Attraction is part emotional, part biological. Everyone's mind is wired to find things attractive, and in these instances people are attracted to the female form, not the fact that it's on an unliving piece of light. People's minds are gearing them to think of what such a person would look like if they were real, it doesn't matter that they are not. That's what imagination is. The ability to conceive of the inconceivable, to attach a feeling to it and make it real in that sense.

Why do you think people can get aroused by reading erotic books? It's all about the mind and biology. You're sitting there telling people in kind of a judgmental tone that they are odd or stupid for seeing beauty in what was intended to be made beautiful just because it's not a real person. That's what people are disagreeing about, not about what you personally find attractive.
adamant715  +   1368d ago
Lol excuses for your lack of real life affectioonnnnnn !
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TheGameFoxJTV  +   1368d ago
The only people who make claims of others not getting any "Action" are those who are suffering from blue balls,. Cause if you were getting any, you wouldn't even give a shit what other people are doing. and if you do, get a life.
BitbyDeath  +   1369d ago
Too bad they couldn't show a vid or tell everyone what the mod is to prove they're real.
kraze07  +   1369d ago
absameen  +   1369d ago
Bethesda should seriously consider hiring this guy.
drosera1  +   1368d ago
Hire him? Because he downloaded some great mods and installed them? No, please don't hire this guy Bethesda.
Deadpool616  +   1369d ago
What?...WOW! This is why I like mods! I don't how to mod, but I'm glad everyday people are out there making games even better then they were before.
baodeus  +   1369d ago
these mod are pretty impressive.
DuncesOfWur  +   1368d ago
very impressive work but I really hate the female models. They look like fucking barbie dolls but the men look massively improved.
frankiebeans  +   1368d ago
if thats in game thats insane.....
Rageanitus  +   1368d ago
If these were on consoles I am sure MS or Sony im sure they were charge alot sinec its classified as DLC
momthemeatloaf  +   1368d ago
I want to lick that girls booty
adamant715  +   1368d ago
Woooow.. half-naked women! Mind = blown.
tigertron  +   1368d ago
As Darth Vader said "Impressive. Most impressive".
DeletedAcc  +   1368d ago
I love women *_*
Cablephish  +   1368d ago
Your avatar clearly speaks for your. :P
Hazmat13  +   1368d ago
thats hawt.
Soldierone  +   1368d ago
These are nice, but I want to see him do more than textures. I noticed the textures look nice, but look at some things from angles. They lose that look and all of them are flat. I want to see him re model things and what not too.

To be completely honest anyone that wants a new generation of consoles shouldn't accept anything less than this, because soon enough this will be running on normal PC's with a new set of good graphics cards as standard.
DeadManMcCarthy  +   1368d ago
That is extremely difficult to do, plus the modders have to work with what the Skyrim already has. The flat textures are not them modders fault.
Blink_44  +   1368d ago
Hope next gen of consoles look this good
mamotte  +   1368d ago
Oh! Boobs! Eh, no. But still hot news. Dat ass...
madjedi  +   1368d ago
Nice, probably the most important advantage pc's have over consoles. It's interesting but not worth $500+ for a entire system rebuild.

Love the dumbass pc guys that think console owners don't realise it's a pc mod.

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