San Fran's Mass Effect 3: Space Edition could end up in the Pacific Ocean

@XG247: San Francisco's Mass Effect 3 Space Edition is currently headed for the depths of the North Pacific Ocean.

In other news, anyone want to lend us a boat?


Just to confirm that the Space Edition ended up in a rather large tree (150 foot), Also a mention that the title said 'it COULD' end up in the ocean.

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Thrungus2424d ago

I want to see people swimming for it.

majiebeast2424d ago ShowReplies(2)
rattletop2424d ago

lol. bioware said they had consulted scientists to make sure the trajectory is good and it won't end up in ocean.

upallnightgamer2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Actually, it ended up in a redwood tree.

BattleTorn2424d ago

I was so hoping the San Fran package was going to blow north into Canada.

upallnightgamer2424d ago

I was hoping one of the NY packages would find its way down south.

Jerkstore812424d ago

What a dumb way to market a videogame. These marketing agencies are payed large sums of money to come up with stupid ideas like this?

Brash_Attack2424d ago

Well, it's a marketing strategy that ended up on the top of N4G numerous times as well as being the center of conversation on several major news sites (even outside of the gaming world). This sure sounds like a genius marking promotion to me.

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