Skype app and significant browser improvements coming soon to PSV

If you have already bought Vita you probably noticed that browser is not that smooth. Well, the good news is that browser will get fixed soon.

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MGRogue20172282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Hell yeah.. any improvement at all with the Vita's browser is fine by me. Go right ahead, Sony. :)

MastaMold2282d ago

This is some good news as i finally got a PS Vita yesterday cant wait to see how good Skype will work with the Vita specially video chat and as for the web browser its pretty smooth with my wifi at home and with my phones hotspot as i'm typing this comment with my Vita and surfing the web :)

ThanatosDMC2282d ago

Browser sucked. I cant even use it to browse N4G without those ads popping out. Not to mention it wont load the whole page.

Lior2282d ago

Yes flash and HTML 5 please

fluffydelusions2282d ago

I wouldn't get my hopes up for Flash but hopefully HTML 5. I believe Adobe is abandoning Flash on mobile in favor of HTML5

fluffydelusions2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Skype...nice! I could see that selling some 3G units. Also, can't wait for the browser needs it!

majiebeast2282d ago

I just hope they start ps1 support soon.

GribbleGrunger2282d ago

you've got to understand that Sony need to sell Vitas and the only way they are going to do that is through development support. the last thing they should be doing at the moment is allowing PS1 games to be played on the Vita. it's not so bad for the PSP titles because those games are more current and most of the developers who made a PSP game are also supporting Vita. still though, those Vita specific games need to sell, and sell in great numbers.

Razongunz2282d ago

flash would be nice.. but i heard adobe told sony that they quit supporting flash on portable hardware.

sony still tries to get flash on the vita though..hope adobe gives in and lends sony a greencard to add flash on the vita.

and tbh i'm not bugged at all about the broweser in general.. it was faster and more fluid than i expected but if they want to immprove it then go ahead :P i'm not gonna complain.

fluffydelusions2282d ago

Browser is not as terrible as people make it out to be but it could definitely use some work.

Mikhail2282d ago

They are comparing it to high end tablet/smartphone browser so the vita browser is relatively weak compared to those.

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The story is too old to be commented.