UK Weekly Chart Week Ending 18th Feb 2012


X360 - 17,019 (+25%)
3DS - 12,769 (+23%)
PS3 - 11,492 (+15%)
Wii - 5,593 (+26%)
DS - 3,983 (+11%)
PSP - 2,482 (+10%)

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LX-General-Kaos2213d ago

Even though I believe Nintendo consoles should be on top at all times, the 360 did an ok job at disrupting that plan. Even though there are no exclusives in sight arriving from the home of microsoft they have done a fine job at keeping strong sales consistant.

Nintendo is the past, present, and future of great innovation, and pushing the industry forward with amazing exclusives. They will be back to the top very very soon.

Rated E for Everyone

GamersRulz2213d ago

^^ is this Miyamoto talking?