Microsoft's DRM Patent Stops You from Skipping Ads in Downloaded Videos

Microsoft on December 20 filed a new patent, titled "Enforcing Advertisement Playback for Downloaded Media Content", that will stop you from skipping ads in videos you download and watch on your computer (and presumably Xbox -- contributor's note.) The technique uses DRM to prevent any sort of playback until you watched the appropriate number of ads, and would essentially allow content providers like NBC or other networks to place their shows online and make sure they get their ad time's worth.

(Reported by Jason Chen, Gizmodo Australia, Sat Dec 22 2007)

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DarkSniper3622d ago

Microsoft is forcing their consumers to suffer through pain and inconveniences through usage of the XBOX 360 console. This is relevant to the definition of slavery.

Slavery-submission to a dominating influence

V2oom3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Stop posting on articles about 360's just because you are pissed off you wasted $600 on a PS3. Maybe you'll get games in 2009 or 2010.

Its my aim to remove all of your bubbles.

synetic3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

V2oom it will be my aim and another 10 friends yes 10 friends to take you all of you bubbles and give to him bubbles and btw he just gave is opinion

and at least ps3 owners dont have to be afraid of the rrod and about the price and games dude you need to get new info

Imallvol73622d ago

I don't know why you are so eager to defend MS. People are so blind to all of their evilness. I pay for friggin Xbox Live and there are ads all over my dashboard. I also have to pay for all the themes and pictures and stuff. Also, theres hardly ever any demos added. My PSN is free, I have no ads, all my themes and backgrounds are free, and online games run smooth as butter. MS is busy trying to keep us from trying to skip ads when it is perfectly legal for us too after we buy the correct hardware or software. They are trying their best to milk more money out of consumers with xbox live on the computer which has been free to play on forever. I could go on and on about their crap. Don't even get me started on not putting at least Wifi into the 360.

UnblessedSoul3622d ago

The xbots are controlled by microsoft Lol

resistance1003622d ago

God thats bad, i really do hope this is only implemented in Free content. I don't mind watching adverts if im not paying for it, however if im paying, why should i have to watch adverts

Douchebaggery3622d ago

It sucks for the users but from a business standpoint this is brilliant.

Blademask3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Instead of targeting different types of advertising, they are going to try to force people to watch an ad. Time and Tivo proves that its not going to work.

Piracy is getting bigger and bigger with casual people because of this. Hell, most people see no problem in downloading an entire season of Heroes online.

The entire advertising community is working on an archaic business model with tiny returns. They need to embrace what piracy offers people.

Hell, look at ITUNES. Its EASIER for me to pay 1 dollar for a track, versus downloading the whole album illegally. Thats why its so huge. The record companies are making a killing of of SINGLES now.

But Old dogs in management aren't trying to do things. They don't want to be creative, they want to wonder why the thing that worked for them fine in the 60's, isn't working now. Disney/Apple is getting this concept, advertising agencies have to adapt to the internet right now for survival. Forcing people to watch Ad's in a world of fast-forward, get it now, I wanted it two seconds ago, etc is a noble move, but its not going to change their piracy margins. They will spend all this money to make just as much money, and a little less from the people it turned off.

I'm getting my news/video elsewhere if a site has a 10 second ad to watch. Somewhere like Google.

Fanboy Slaughter3622d ago

I agree with you Blademask...didn't think it would ever happen but man it did.

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