Is Mass Effect 3’s Controversial DLC Your Fault?

Kotaku: Gamers feel very strongly about their content and its makers. They are also a business. An exceptionally large, very valuable business. The most recent ESA report [pdf] asserts that American consumers spend over $25 billion dollars annually on gaming.

So where is the wall where gamers ultimately rebel against adding to those billions? The upcoming release of Mass Effect 3, featuring controversial day one DLC, is proving to be a fertile ground for the argument.

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SilentNegotiator2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Gamers have put up with so much crap this generation, so yeah, probably.

Go back in time to the 6th generation. Tell them that one day, they will need a code to play the game on the internet (especially every EA and Sony game) which restricts how many systems/accounts that they can play on, an extra $10 to play content cut from the original release (here's my equation again; "going gold several weeks b4 launch, getting completed DLC its XBL and PSN approval several weeks b4 launch, but still getting out DLC on launch day = cut content"), and that simple things like voice control (on that brand new awesome game called "SOCOM" for example, which is fairly open-ended for a ps2 game) are paraded as amazing features that can only be done with a cheap extra processor (and dev tools for VC, which all systems have similar versions of) and that EA claims to "not have the man power" to even put it on PC (let them know that EA is pretty much the same size in the future, if not bigger).

Also, let them know that it's custom for a game to get a 9/10 or higher every time, or else developers/publishers make a fuss and reviewers like Jeff G get fired. And shooter games are pretty much the most prevalent. And the online portions of games, made of mostly rehashed single player elements, are the main part of the game half of the time.

I wish someone had warned ME.

ginsunuva2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

They also don't have that massive, immense manpower to implement pc gamepad support, either.

Guys, actually gang up and boycott this dlc! Who cares about a prothean? But there will still be those mass effect super fangirls who will buy anything mass effect-related.

Godmars2902062d ago

Need to boycott the full game. For at least month. Even a week.

But of course that's not going to happen.

SilentNegotiator2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Boycott it?? ZOMG, you're not a fan, then! Any TRUE fan would be willing to take all of that abuse for one single game in a series they like!


da_2pacalypse2062d ago

I'm boycotting. Bioware/EA deserves no more of my money. I've been purchasing their games for so long, and they just keep dumbing their product down in order to appeal to the largest possible audience. I'm tired of it, you can only go so far in terms of broadening the audience until you get to a point where all games are alike. It stops innovation.

I'm done with EA products

TreMillz2062d ago

I guarantee this will be like a Zaeed DLC, somebody who you pick up and never use at all...and the dlc is not free at all both standard and CE will have to pay $10 cuz the CE is $20 more and im sure 10 of that 20 is for the DLC while the other 10 covers the rest

NewZealander2062d ago

for the love of mass effect yes i will buy every last scrap of DLC, this boycott scenario you want will never happen.

who cares about a prothean? are you serious?

ChrisW2062d ago


That's what I'm doing. I will wait until EA is appeased with the amount of money they ripped off from everyone and heavily discount the game with all of the DLC included.

Maybe by next winter? Nah, it'll still be full price then.

caperjim2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

No gamepad support for PC is one of the reasons i wont be buying it at all. If they are too lazy to include something so small then they dont deserve my money. I will buy another game.

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TheTwelve2062d ago

Silent, that post should go in the N4G HOF

pixelsword2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Actually, you don't have to pay to play Sony Games, just if you buy an old game, not a new one, for starters. It's not like where you have to may s subscription to play like Microsoft. If you buy the game old for your PS3, just make sure you're getting a deal; If you buy a game old or new for your 360, you still pay.

Besides, if Mass Effect 3’s DLC is great, it'll be even better when it's 20% to 60% off.


SilentNegotiator2062d ago

Sony PUBLISHED titles (R3, U3, Twisted Metal, etc), I meant. And I buy new 90%, I just don't like the inconvenience that online passes provide, nor their message about how publishers feel about our purchase of the game (as if they still own that copy of the game).

pixelsword2053d ago


Well, they don't; but every time a publisher/developer pushes and no one pushes back, this happens. Do you think Sony would have went this far if Microsoft got massive resistance for pay to play? XboX fans just grinned and took it, and opened the gates for every publisher to pull stuff like this.

Ravenor2062d ago

Didn't you post this exact same rant in another similar thread. Go you..spread the word! About...SOCOM's great Voice Controls, because "Alpha move to Zulu" (Truth be told I forget the name of each little 2 man group in SOCOM 1) was awesome and critical to the game /s. Let's not neglect to mention how the rest of the game was a total disaster SP wise, and was more or less broken on the SP side and the MP side (The first game, calm yourselves.)

Shooters have always been prevalent, Review scores are irrelevant, Why wouldn't MP assets and gameplay be similar? I also wonder if you haven't noticed that developing games is kinda pricey, attaching MP is generally a way to "Improve" replay ability. Lots of PC games, even the original HL far before the consoles had spasm'd their way into the online world on 56k had MP.

Rashonality2062d ago

that's the last 7 years in a nutshell.
i feel your pain brother

knifefight2061d ago

Heh, your comment about going back in time and warning people about the huge changes reminded me of this:
It really is CRAZY how different gaming is now than it was 15, 10, or heck even 5 years ago.

DW742061d ago

Fun little read there. I was 24 in 1998 and yeah, I was high on the hog as far as gaming went. I was alternating between Xenogears, Ocarina, Rogue Squadron, and Turok 2.

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Genecalypse2062d ago

Publishers do it because they know they can get away with it, so yeah its part our fault too

DragonPrince2061d ago

"If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything" - M.L.K.

denero12062d ago

We need to fight with our wallet's voicing our opinion but then purchasing it isn't going to work we need to actually stick to what we say -_-

IM_KINECTED2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

It's like buying gasoline for our cars, if the entire US didn't buy gas for a whole day then the prices would plummet.
DLC is like that, if people didn't pay out for it, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in.

The problem is that there will always be people that don't mind paying out for things that should be included.

I remember when I first heard of DLC, I was using the original Xbox and it was all free, KOTOR and even Star Wars Battlefront 2, which let you import maps from the first game as well as new characters. Now it's pretty much gotten out of hand.

So, we are all to blame in our own way.

Pintheshadows2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

If you think US petrol prices are bad don't come to England.

I agree with you that if people continue fronting the coin then this DLC trend will continue. Unfortunately even if every member of N4G boycotted the game it wouldn't be a large enough number to discourage EA in the future.

It's balls and perhaps requires somekind of intervention from outside the gaming community as it has gone from being a bonus to being calculated greed. All against the consumer which lifted them to that position in the first place.

I'm starting to feel that in their partnership with EA Bioware will have a similar fate to Squaresoft after they became Sqeenix.

IM_KINECTED2062d ago

EA is the worst thing to happen to Bioware. I love Bioware's games, but the quality has diminished since EA took over and the emphasis on the DLC is ever higher.

I avoid trying to get DLC, at least at first. I did buy all the DLC for ME2 when Microsoft ran a deal a couple of years ago and everything was really cheap.

I want to support games like Mass Effect and companies like Bioware, but I hate supporting EA in a big, big way.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2062d ago

The problem is that if no one buys gas on Monday, then there will end up being a spike in demand on Tuesday. A prolonged boycott of one company might have a greater effect. Stop buying from EA altogether and see what happens.

Rupee2062d ago

Yeah it probably is...

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