GameDaily: Wii Won't Rock You Revisited; Were Wii Wrong?

Last year, GameDaily published an op-ed piece about the Wii and its prospects for the coming generation. It presented an argument contrary to the popular sentiment, namely that the system would come in third in the then looming console war. GameDaily figured it would draw a response from their readers, but the scope of responses surprised them a little bit. To date, GameDaily have received more email over that feature than any other single piece in the history of GameDaily BIZ.

Now they readdress each of the points about Nintendo's Wii a year later.

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Maddens Raiders3501d ago

"With the Wii being so different from other console options, however, there are certain pitfalls. It is unknown if the sort of demand seen for the system during the past year will continue at the same torrid pace or slow down sometime in the near future. Core gamers have shown to be active spenders on their consoles, and Wii consumers generally seem content with Wii Sports (and Wii Play). Some have wondered if the Wii is a threat to hardcore gamers. Regardless, this situation is fine and dandy for Nintendo, but might leave third-parties out in the cold. Ultimately, the Wii might end up selling more console units than anything else (especially if demand doesn't slow down) but it may not be the system of choice for the majority of core gamers, with either the 360 or PS3 beating it out in the volume of software sold."

Bottom line: Wii = Gimmick

TheExodus3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

From Wikipedia, "A gimmick is a unique or quirky special feature that makes something "stand out" from its contemporaries. However, the special feature is typically thought to be of little relevance or use."

Now, the "me too" motion sensing tacked onto the PS3's Sixaxis is a gimmick, but the motion sensing in the Wii Remote/Nunchuck is anything but! Of course with the PS3 one could also categorize it's ability to play games as a gimmick given that it's primary purpose is to play HD movies on Blu-ray while it's ability to play games is "of little relevance or use."

wiizy3501d ago

they should apologize , as wii and ds will be the clear winner of this generation.

MK_Red3501d ago

"Wii Remote + Nunchuk isn't the best fit for all games"
True. RPG games for example. Just like at Wii's Fire Emblem which completely throws Wiimote and motion sensitive functionality out of the window and only uses classic controls.
Racing games and Classic Fighters like MK and SF are also unsuitable for Wii.
FPS, RTS and classic Adventure are the best games for Wii but sadly, all that devs are making for the system are min-game collection party titles.
Oh, and that piece of garbage called Wii Fit.

Games like Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3 and Zack & Wiki show that Wii could go beyond a gimmicky system and become a really unique console but sadly, garbage like Carvinal Games become commercial successes on Wii while likes of Z&W and No More Heroes bomb.
This means that more party games will be on their way and Wii will become Party game collection console with a few hardcore games from Nintendo. With failure of real 3rd party games on Wii, only cheap budget titles and mini-games will remain for Wii.

ChickeyCantor3501d ago

its a shame they didnt used the point and click function for Fire emblem because that would make it controll way better.

MK_Red3501d ago

OMG, Awesome point. I hadn't tought of it but it would have ruled.

Now that I think about it, if they use Wiimote as pointer, RPGs also make sense on Wii. Isometric games like Fire Emblem, FF Tactics, Disgaea and even western RPGs like Fallout (Onlt 1 and 2) and Diablo.

See, this is my problem with Wii. Instead of finding better and more suitable and effective uses for Wii, they just make a mini-game collection and call it a day. When a dev makes perfect use of Wiimote in a masterpiece like Zack & Wiki, the game bombs so more publishers are encouraged to make shallow and dumb games underexploit Wii instead of taking realy advantage of it's unique control scheme.


I'll join you as another wii hater.
Now before Nintendo fans out there start burning me, let me tell you one thing, I am a wii owner myself and I've played all the good wii games. However, I still hate the system, the reason being that I play games like watching movie. I like graphic, sound, and story to be there. Now that the wii obviously has no graphic processing power and games like wario ware or mario party dont have story at all, but I can get over that. However, almost all new wii games lack even good sound now.

ChickeyCantor3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

But shouldn't you be hating the developers and not the console?

Yes its loaded With crap-mini games but i sure see better games coming up. And we are all used to PS2/GCN/Xbox gfx i just don't understand why its suddenly the most horrible thing to look at...

FF games told a good story and the gfx were fine on a PS2, now if Square-enix would push the system of the Wii to its limit i know for sure the games will look way better then their FF titles on the Ps2.
Because we all know the hardware is stronger, although there are even ignorant people who believe that the PS2 is stronger and its nothing but a GCN1.5...if RE:4 pushed more polygons and better quality textures on the GCN and it was watered down on the PS2.....wouldn't that be telling us that its up to the developers and it shouldn't be really be blamed on the console?

And i agree that its marketing @ casual gamers, and thats why there are so many crap games....but look @ suda51 ...he broke the lines, so i'm sure there are more that will fallow.

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Devr3501d ago

For f***'s sake, stop with the goddamn Wii puns. Haha, you can use it as "we", yeah, we get it.

bastardo3501d ago

i just bought the Wii for smash brawl :D it is the best Nintendo game ever!

ReBurn3501d ago

How would you know? It isn't even out yet. It might suck.

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