IGN reviews Trials of Topoq for the Ps3

December 21, 2007 - Remember the EyeToy? Sony doesn't want that to happen to the PlayStation Eye. You know what I'm talking about -- the EyeToy was a great idea, but nothing other than a few Kinetic games and some SingStar functionality were ever really added to the peripheral's arsenal. Now, the PlayStation Eye is out, Eye of Judgment is garnering a following, and it seems there are new Eye-compatible games on the store each week.

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Barreldragon003743d ago

i like the idea and its a pretty good score for a downloadable game. This might be the first PSN Eye game i buy.

pwnsause3743d ago

it is a good score for a basic PSeye game.

pwnsause3743d ago

BTW is there any news about eyedentify? i would like to play that game. whens that comming out?

resistance1003743d ago

Haven't heard anything about that in ages, i wonder if its been scrapped

Chubear3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

It's such a great innovative use of the PS Eye-cam.. hey, that jsut be the actual name PSI XD

I've had looking forward to this game and I must say, for a DLG of $5.99 it didn't disappoint.

and I see it was that douchebag nerd that rated Lair that also rated this, urgh that guy's such a nerd of an asshole.

xplosneer3743d ago

Within what, 4-5 months of release we already have a handful of games supporting the PS Eye, along with Burnout coming. I'm happy they aren't letting it die. Especially EoJ, that game is awesome.

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