The insane VRX MACH 4 racing simulator

Billed as the world's most advanced racing and entertainment simulator, the VRX Mach 4 takes gaming a whole new level. It uses four Xbox 360s to power three Sharp Aquos 37-inch 1080p LCD screens - the fourth one powers a 7in LCD screen that acts as a rear-view mirror.

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It's compatible with the Wii, Windows PC and the PS3 too. All you need is around £12,500 ($25000) and it's yours.

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SeanScythe3772d ago

And it takes just 1 PS3 to run it all! j/k but I wonder how many it takes.

It takes 40 Wii's to run one screen which is the 7in rear view mirror, but you can use the controller to adjust the level you want it set to. lol j/k again

ddldave3772d ago

no thanks, 25 grand to buy a driving simulator? why spend 25 grand on that when you can spend it on a real car? a used 350z, a used s2000, a brand new civic si, new mazdaspeed mazda 3, used evo 8, wrx sti, etc. seriously.

ublender3772d ago

I have to wonder why they would waste their time on Forza 2 when they could have used GT 5 Prologue....

ThaGeNeCySt3772d ago

Does GT5 Prologue support linking 4 PS3's together to have that front, left, and right car view?

LinuxGuru3772d ago

It could if Polyphony digital implemented it...although I would find it most likely to be rare that someone owns 4 PS3's....damn things are expensive!


craymoogy3772d ago

nah, that is not true. they are using 4 elite 360, which is more expensive than 4 ps3

SeanScythe3772d ago

well you have 4 360s so how long does the average one last before RRoD hits? Figure that out and you have your answer.

craymoogy3771d ago

well, if one burns out then you still experience the real life driving. If one of your mirrors got destroyed, you could still drive right?

mighty_douche3772d ago

4 consoles or 1 PC? PC please.

LinuxGuru3772d ago

If you can see GT 5 prologue in 1080p / 60, with ** 16 ** 200,000+ polygon cars on the track at once, on one PS3....

Imaging what you could do with 4 of the bastards!

Whooooo! I start sweatin' just THINKING about it!


demolitionX3771d ago

u're talking cell distributiong processing power here!!! which will have incremental power more than those crapy boxes. I believe 4 PS3 will run the world not a driving sim!!

pacman6153772d ago

if anyone invests that much money into it, you are nothing but a fool

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The story is too old to be commented.