Sony Sets The Bar For Being “Pleased” About U.S. Vita Sales Really Low

Speaking to Reuters, Sony’s U.S. CEO of PlayStation Jack Tretton stated that he would be “very pleased” if the company’s recently launched PlayStation Vita were to sell half a million units in the United States during its first three weeks at retail. While selling 500K units in three weeks is hardly a failure, after some comparative analysis the comment seems to be a warning that Sony is not expecting much in the way of Vita sales in the U.S. at launch.

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Dante1122284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Lol, this whole article is based on an assumption that Sony must've had low expectations to exceed it's original goal. Then they try to use the 3DS to say if it sold x amount, the Vita an't do the same. "It just can't". Gotta love the US media, never know when to admit that they were wrong. Handhelds are not doomed.

"No way they could have good sales. We predicted that it was DOOMED!...DOOOOMED!"

Keats2284d ago

It's not a US site and the Vita got a really good review there. You have to admit the expected numbers are low for all of the US.

longcat2283d ago

Given the (relatively)recent events surrounding console launches, people are gonna be gun shy.

the weak early PS3 library; RROD; 3DS price drop

LX-General-Kaos2284d ago

All i heard from this was the same song and dance..


Wenis2284d ago

I dont know whats more annoying, articles saying anything about Sony is doomed, or lame sarcastic comments like those shown above in defense of Sony.

Dante1122284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

@ Keats

Do you have a link to Sony's expected numbers for the US (Not talking about any "I'd be happy to see", but a set official number to make)? So how would you or I know? Exactly...

@ Wenis

I know! Comments that add nothing to the topic and "complain" about other people complaining about the quality and actual contents of an article.

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metsgaming2284d ago

Who else thinks no matter what the sales numbers are these websites will call it a failure. I want to know what the number these sites are looking before hand to consider it sucessful and a reason why they come up with that number.

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