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First Medal of Honor: Warfighter images

Take a look at photos taken of Medal of Honor: Warfighter showing the first screenshots of the game. (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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FlyWestbrook  +   1105d ago
Waiting for more info ;)
da_2pacalypse  +   1105d ago
Here is all the info you need:

No Dice... therefore, it's not worth your money.
hasj1990  +   1105d ago
DICE made BF3 Campaign and it was utter bull.

Danger Close made the last Medal of Honor campaign and it was one of the best campaigns of any FPS for a very long time.

But this is the first time Danger Close are doing the multi, I still wouldn't consider criticising them until I atleast see gameplay footage.
S_C  +   1104d ago

"No Dice... therefore, it's not worth your money"

IMO Dice ruined the last MOH, the multiplayer they built for it seemed like they could'nt be bothered.
Blackpool  +   1104d ago
Man, if there's an online pass im not getting it.
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xtremeimport  +   1104d ago
I enjoyed the last Medal of Honor.
with or without DICE. look forward to more news on this one.
KontryBoy706  +   1104d ago
Good then maybe the PS3 gamers don't have to put up with that lovely input lag from DICE. Oh and maybe now I don't have to worry about spawning right beside the enemy in TDM. Oh and maybe the campaign will be much better than BF3 just like MOH campaign was.
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MsclMexican  +   1104d ago
I heard this joke once

Medal of Honor WarFighter will inspire many other games to use similar titles

Uncharted: TreasureHunter
Assassin's Creed: TemplarSlayer
Resident Evil: ZombieKiller

You get the idea
Primal Rex  +   1105d ago
Just another modern day military shooter just like a dozen others nothing new here they should have left in set in WW2 there seems to be a void in that time frame of late this game could have capitalized on that or go crazy nuts creative and set it in the future but this is EA and they dont do creative with fps's plus the names rubbish didnt Ubisoft use that name like 5 years ago for ghost recon
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KingOptimus777  +   1105d ago
Just Another COD Fanboy.^^^^
Primal Rex  +   1105d ago
I think CoD is just the same there is a general lack of creativity in most fps's these days esspecialy those made by the big publishers
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NeoBasch  +   1105d ago
First of all, Danger Close made one of the best campaigns this gen for a shooter. Highly underrated. Second, Medal of Honor got re-imagined, and now follows Tier 1 operators. Warfighter is no different. If anything, it's just Danger Close sticking to their guns.
Ashriel  +   1105d ago
MOH's campaign was one of the worst this gen, there's nothing memorable about it.
sarshelyam  +   1105d ago
MOH's campaign was one of the only to not only hold my attention, but leave me shocked by the end of its run. It was an accomplishment in a landscape of me-too's and general rust-covered structure.
mynameisEvil  +   1105d ago
You're right, since Ubisoft used it for Advanced Warfighter, it must mean that Ubisoft actually made up their own damn word and no one else can EVER use it...

Mrmagnumman357  +   1105d ago
chriski333  +   1105d ago
so who be making MP for MOH?
FlareDReborn  +   1105d ago
Danger Close.

Edit: Anyone think that guy with the cap and beard looks a little like captain price?
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Parasyte  +   1105d ago
In image number 6? The guy looking through the viewfinder? I was thinking the exact same thing!
a_squirrel  +   1105d ago
I really liked the last one, lets hope this one is significantly better :)
FinaLXiii  +   1105d ago
Captain Price?

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KingOptimus777  +   1105d ago
I think that guy is mother but with his beard cut short.
Hufandpuf  +   1104d ago
Mother was a badass, and it's funny that the game didn't focus too much personal attention on characters but you instantly feel connected to them by the end of the game.
IM_KINECTED  +   1105d ago
I'm really looking forward to this, I liked the single player campaign in Medal Of Honor 2010, the online was a bit of a joke in my opinion though. I am glad they are handling the online in house this time, had the online operated like the game did for the campaign it might have been my new favorite FPS game. The ability to switch between burst fire and automatic was really cool, too bad it wasn't in the online portion, same with going prone.

I'll be keeping an eye on this for sure!
GraveLord  +   1105d ago
Looks generic. Don't see anything that stands out.
In fact all military FPS look very similar.
torchic  +   1105d ago
I love military shooters which address very modern issues, like the Afgan War. looks like this one will follow suit if it indeed is a sequel to 2010's game.

almost bough MoH last year but put it down and got Black Ops instead. will be getting MoH this year for sure.

on a side note though I hope Danger Close make Frostbite 2 work better on the consoles. I might get a few disagrees for saying this but I want a console as lead platform, then a port to PC. Battlefield 3 on consoles looked crap tbh.
Skate-AK  +   1105d ago
Since they will most likely have smaller maps, limited destruction like MOH 2010 and proabaly 12vs12 I wonder if this will be running 60 FPS.
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superrey19  +   1105d ago
it's running on frostbite engine 2 so so i doubt it. It's gonna have sick graphics though.
quality_over_popular   1105d ago | Spam
SSultan  +   1105d ago
Another shooter? We need a period of time with no new games. A solid 2 years or however long it would take for me to convince myself I'm playing something fresh and original.
Gamerita  +   1105d ago
as usual people are waiting only to get disappointed by yet another EA release.
urwifeminder  +   1105d ago
Didnt expect much from the last game and had some nice fun sunk lots of time into airborne online when it released as well ,will keep an eye on it.For the people who dont like military games dont you have a key and a treasure chest to find why are you here?
mynameisEvil  +   1105d ago
The problem with the first game was that the campaign was generic (and full of very nasty textures of terrible texture pop-in, among other graphical farts and garlic), only memorable because of it's balls to show something from today's war. Of course, it made no sense for them to suddenly call the Taliban "OpFor" (*sniffle sniffle* It must be endorsing the Taliban if they call it "Taliban"! Oh, the humanity! /s), but whatever.

However, it's decision to have a campaign focused on today's war made me play through it and I ended up kinda liking it. Here's hoping that this one fixes all the problems the previous one had, eh?

On PC? Yes, of course. On console? Come on, how many console games have 60 FPS?

FPS games haven't toned down much since Wolfenstein 3D popularized the genre. I don't think they ever will, either. Your little fantasy will never happen. However, it's a novel idea to not whine about FPS games and, instead, just not play FPS games. Now people who enjoy them can enjoy them and you don't have to play them. Wow, having freedom of choice! What a novel idea.
Mrmagnumman357  +   1105d ago
Hating EA lately, they killed crysis 2, and they are holding back BF3 on pc. Can't wait for ARMA 3, Metro last light, WARFACE, and many other pc games
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lugia 4000  +   1105d ago
Its like reading the same newspaper everyday. Thats what I felt here.
chanmasta  +   1105d ago
The release date on one of the pages states October this year, awesome :)
Shackdaddy836  +   1105d ago
Looks awesome. I wish the words on the pages weren't so blurry :(

Anyone who wants to know about multiplayer but can't read the page:
"Naturally, Warfighter will include a multiplayer mode. However, this time around it'll be developed in-house at Danger Close and it'll(?) be (some word) by the latestversion of the Frostbite graphics engine. Though specific details remain under wraps, we were able to learn that international Tier Operational forces will be represented including the SAS(British), SASR(Austrailia), KSK(German), and grom(Polish). Says Goodrich: 'There are hooks in our multiplayer that are different.' Also expect one-shot, one-kill 'hardcore' muliplayer mode option. Oh, and though there(?) won't be full campaign co-op, it seems some sort of cooperative game mode will also be part of the package. Stay tuned for more details in future issues"

So there you go, multiple nations, some type of co-op, and more :)
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CanadianTurtle  +   1105d ago
Looks as generic and bland ever. I don't know why everyone's so hyped up about.
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chanmasta  +   1105d ago
Everyone's hyped up about it because it's Medal Of Honor, not Call Of Duty: Modern Shitstorm.
Hufandpuf  +   1104d ago
The game takes place in the phillapenes. How's that generic?
CanadianTurtle  +   1104d ago
Your comment is the most ignorant comment I have read so far. Just because it takes place in the phillapenes doesn't rescue the game from being generic.

Its a military shooter set in a modern day setting. With a campaign that is very likely to be only 5 hours long.
Hufandpuf  +   1104d ago

I bet you didn't even know it was set in Asia. You're just trying to defend your ignorance.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1105d ago
I actually digged the ruthlessness throughout the campaign in the last game!

But I did only buy the last game when it hit $20...
Soldierone  +   1105d ago
I hope this is far as it goes as humping Xbox. They get all the Call of Duty love, as a PS3 owner I was enjoying the EA love. Especially since Battlefield and Medal of Honor are the better games.
NoTheMama  +   1105d ago
The fact that people arent over these samey military fps wankfests just baffles me...
spicelicka  +   1105d ago
what baffles me even more is that fact that developers, who aren't over these military fps games, continue to spend years of their lives developing the same military games over and over again.
CanadianTurtle  +   1104d ago
I honestly don't know why you guys are getting thumbed down. You are right!
geddesmond  +   1105d ago
Whats the deal with EA trying to hype this game up. The last one sucked balls in both single player and multiplayer and didn't it only sell 1 mil on each platform or something. I mean multiplayer was a dam sniper fest. You couldn't spawn 5 seconds on most maps with out getting your head blown off by one on the whole team of opposing snipers and on their forums EA just told people to adjust or use sniper rifles themselfs instead of nerfing the dam things.

Also what the industry needs is another modern FPS especially for the fall season. Gaming keeps getting crapper and crapper with each month now.
Detoxx  +   1104d ago
This aint no COD.. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a very good game
vallencer  +   1104d ago
Really? Gaming keeps getting crappier and crappier?? February alone has ssx, asuras wrath, kingdoms, twisted metal. March has silent hill, naruto, armored core, ninja gaiden. April has prey 2, prototype 2, witched 2 for xbox. May has dragons dogma. June has lollipop chainsaw and darksiders 2, july has anarchy reigns. August has hopefully bioshock. September has borderlands 2. November had resident evil 6 and halo 4. So yeah I don't think each month is crap.
geddesmond  +   1104d ago
And your point is?? Yeah theres a good few games but how many of them are GOOD games.


Just like the first one was no cod and was a great game lol. Come on dog I thought the first one sucked. Only COD haters talked that game up because they want to see COD fall.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1105d ago
Those screenshots are in-engine not from actual gameplay.
dreamoner  +   1105d ago
Hope they'll make a game with a realistic scenario, not another 6 hour CoD/BF cloned action/fiction scenario. MoH1(2010) was rather realistic tho but it was again- short..

and I liked the last pic a lot...
holdmyown83  +   1105d ago
Guess im the only oddball who liked the MP. But then again ima Sniper soooo
Parasyte  +   1105d ago
I loved the MP from MOH 2010. Played it long enough to max out all 3 classes.

I never really had a problem with the Snipers in game, and I enjoy sniping myself. There was only one map that I always sniped on though.

I hope they add more maps, more guns, and more unlocks this time around.
tubers  +   1105d ago
Oh please have a wider color palette! (more like UC 2-3 less like BF3)

Those look drab :(

<-- graphics whore that enjoy most SP campaigns from all FPSes
Detoxx  +   1104d ago
Looks very promising
momthemeatloaf  +   1104d ago
Thank God Dice is staying away from this game, they're overrated.
Athlon  +   1104d ago
I wonder if that flooded street level is in-game. That would be awesome! I don't really understand the hate of one FPS franchise vs another. Some gamers may have their preferences, but it's not like on franchise is exclusive to a particular console. Play both and enjoy.
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