Twisted Metal: Head-On - Does it hold up?

GameZone's David Sanchez goes back and takes Twisted Metal: Head-On for a ride. Does this car combat title, which was previously available on the PSP and PlayStation 2, withstand the test of time?

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Lelldorianx2305d ago

Finally, a post about Twisted Metal that doesn't have that stupid clown image! :P

TheSanchezDavid2304d ago

As much as I like darker Twisted Metal games, I really dig the more lighthearted style of Head-On.

ThatOneGuyThere2304d ago

This twisted metal is great fun online and locally. My biggest gripe is the connectivity issues. SERIOUSLY FIX THIS SH!T.

TheSanchezDavid2303d ago

Yeah, I really dig the newest Twisted Metal. The online issues are a pain, but when you get an online game going, it's a helluva lot of fun!