Unit 13 Demo Pulled From the PS Vita Store

The PlayStation Vita launch has gone off pretty successfully, as is evident by its strong launch lineup and reviews. However, nothing is perfect, as we are clearly seeing with the pulling of the highly-anticipated Facebook app earlier. Now, the Unit 13 demo appears to be M.I.A. as well.

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doctorstrange2458d ago

Crashed with me on that. Little Devs too, so who knows why tho.

Pixel_Enemy2458d ago

I am really looking forward to Unit 13. The demo was great.

doctorstrange2458d ago

Yeah, that's the thing. I really enjoyed it, hopefully the game doesn't need a delay or anything

Sev2458d ago

I noticed my Vita crashed after I downloaded it. No wonder why. Time to delete that demo.

doctorstrange2458d ago

Yeah, best to play it safe.

KeybladeMaster2458d ago

How can you call it the blue light of death when the blue led in the PlayStation button is always on!

Dante1122458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Yeah, Vita didn't crash but it gave me an error the third playthrough. Sony's probably gonna make some adjustments in the upcoming maintenance next week.

@ doctor and Sev

Both of you are journalists or are part of the pslifestyle site right? Notice that you two are always the first to comment on it's articles and respond back to each other as if authenticating the story (BLOD article lol).

doctorstrange2458d ago

The BLOD article was about our Vita BLODing, so obviously we said our Vita BLOD'd...

Dante1122458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

@ doctor

The thing is, you two try to act like you don't even know each other when commenting here. Like two individuals with two different Vitas (as if trying to add to the toll of people with hectic Vitas) when you both share one Vita and are part of the same site.

Doc: "My Vita broke"

Sev: "Yeah, mine too"

Me: "No ****, you both share a Vita"

Edit: Funny thing about the BLOD article was even the community on your site thought you were going over the top and misleading people.

doctorstrange2458d ago

We don't share a Vita, we live on different continents. Would make sharing pretty lame.

badjournalism2458d ago

It's still up on the US PS store.

T3mpr1x2458d ago

If it's been pulled from the European store, I bet it'll get pulled from the US one soon too.

ftwrthtx2458d ago

That sucks. Hiccups at launch are to be expected I guess.

dbjj120882458d ago

I've been having several crashes... notably when I try to do party chat.

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The story is too old to be commented.