This Is the Last Vita Game I Expected to Enjoy

Kotaku - When the shipment of Ubisoft's Vita launch day games arrived, Michael Jackson: The Experience was set aside, along with Asphalt: Injection and Dungeon Hunter Alliance, three unfortunate side-effects of getting my hands on Rayman and Lumines.

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biosonico2248d ago

You enjoyed a year of port of so-so michael Jackson game? I think you have to come off the closet.


Beat it.

Which is what I'm sure you do every night alone because no woman wants to be with a boy who is so insecure that they cannot enjoy things.

If anything, YOU come across as someone who likes him some bologna pony.

biosonico2247d ago

I apoligize, it was very immature from my part. It's not like it's the spice girls, right?

Marceles2248d ago

I'm enjoying it even more since I got it for free from when they put the full game on the store instead of the demo by accident

tarbis2248d ago

I'm enjoying the game. Even though I suck at making rows of perfect. Wish there could be more songs like Man in the Mirror, Earth Song, and many others.