Black & White: Peter Molyneux Shares Misgivings about His Previous Work

GameBandits: "Self-criticism is a gift. Not everyone can do it. Even those that can bring themselves to do it might only end up doing it superficially. Increasingly, introspection and honest self-assessment are becoming rare traits."

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lzim2305d ago

If anything the problem was trying to meet his own expectations on hardware that couldn't deliver, for publishers that don't usually throw money at projects just to make them as awesome as possible.. lol some settle for barely functional.

To further pursue this goal makes his work ever relevant for fans and a bar for the rest of the industry. We'll see how much hating on himself he can keep doing in Generation 8 where there may not be the excuse of we've maxed out the hardware, and the distribution media.. Or he'll finally learn to not overspeak the potential of future products before the final design is ready.

sonicsidewinder2305d ago

Black and White.

I remember playing that on a rig that could just about run it. Being in awe of your role as a god. So good.