In-game advertising comes to Xbox Live Arcade

The cult favorite Sensible World of Soccer was finally released on Xbox Live for 800 points, but the download carried a little something extra: in-game advertising via the Microsoft-owned Massive Incorporated.

The listing for the game on Major Nelson's blog lets you know that "Massive may collect your Internet protocol address and other anonymous information for the purposes of transmitting and measuring in-game advertising."

Do you feel comfortable paying $10 for a game that will be used to sell advertising space and collect your information?

The game suffered from Xbox Live issues and was removed from the service and later restored; it's unknown if the issue involved Massive or the normal sort of technical difficulty.

[ Reported by Ben Kuchera for Ars Technica on December 19, 2007 ]

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resistance1003743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Well to be fair in game advertising in Pro Evo made no affect on the gameplay they had adverts for the likes of,, myspace etc.

If Sensible World of Soccer uses it simalar to that, then im sure the people who download this won't mind. Still anyone else think 800points is a bit steep for this?

Edit - i didn't notice the collect your information part. Thats poor, thats put me off purchasing this game. They may say they won't do anything with the information, but how do we know?

Ghoul3743d ago

lol seriously

this is b.s.

you allready pay those insane pricetags for minigames + live costs
and now also get advertising not only in the dashboard but in the games aswell.

ms really gives a f..k about the customers

ben hates you3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

as long as its a short preview I'll live, and secondly judging by your bias comments you don't have a x360 so what i tell people like that, ¿why do you give a rats ass? its obvious you don't pay for it

and really for Xbox live is 4 dollars a month hurting my salary, nope

and yes 800 points is a little steep but remember, you're not paying for it

Ghoul3743d ago

well your wrong

i have em all except the wii

and im very very close to selling my 360 because of that kind of policiy by ms´, and NO not everyone criticising ms is a fanboy, that comment of yours was useless mate.

ben hates you3743d ago

have yet to prove me wrong, xbox live works good for me, I don't mind paying 4 dollars a month even though i have been online in a while, but what games do you have try and prove to me that you have one, I bought a ps3 for uncharted and love it I'm Up to Chapter 11 on Crushing. but it annoys me when people complain about what they don't have

wolfgang3743d ago

I know 4 dollars a month isn't hurting, but since we already paid for the service and for the game, I don't want to see those damn ads. Its ok to get ads in the game if it make it free (some news paper use ads to keep the publication free) like they did with the game Yaris, but not if I'm paying. You think its ok to have a little bit of ads in the game ? Well when there will be a little bit in every game, they are going to start start putting more and more until you get sick of ads.

ben hates you3743d ago

don't get me wrong wolfgang i would rather not see the adds, its just people like sushfix, when they complain about things they don't have or something that doesn't affect them it just annoys me

Ghoul3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

well benisme

then like i said before your post was a complete waste.

I do have the Box "fack inc" the tag.
played em all from gears of war over pinata to lost planet halo 3 deadrising bioschock Skate or whatnot, only game i didnt had so far is mass effect. I also bought some arcade games wich are great.

Im even more sick of people claiming others of beeing a fanboy or not owning the stuff he is angry about, i do have it and therefore i ahve all the right to be pissed about MS policy. And that also doesnt make me fanboy just a consumer wich is pissed by the service he gets for his item bought.

And im definatly against payment for stuff that was once free.

ben hates you3743d ago

i've had luck with both consoles, so i laugh at your misfortune

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BrotherSic3743d ago

you hardly notice to adverts and they do not effect the game at all.

Well worth 800 points. Its probably the greatest football game ever made.

DarkSniper3743d ago

Microsoft's XBOX Live service currently serves as the trojan horse for the XBOX 360. Microsoft has again and again abused it's service to offer useless marketing and imposing fees and products that are not needed by the consumer. Combine this with the fact they are stripping privledges that were once at the silver member's convenience and it shows why Microsoft is losing marketshare at a rapid pace to PLAYSTATION 3®.

PLAYSTATION 3® offers the same bare bones service through the Playstation Network available to consumers at no charge. Dark Sniper would like to encourage all consumers to weigh their options and do extensive research on both consoles. Upon conclusion, the average consumer will find out that XBOX 360 is nothing more than a technical piece of garbage.


darthv723743d ago

it was reported months ago that sony made deals with advertising companies for in game and home product placement. People are just zeroing in on MS doing it and they should open their eyes to the world around them because advertising is everywhere.

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