OXM Preview :Rainbow Six Vegas 2

OXM writes: Huh? What? But... why? Those were the reactions to the ending of Rainbow Six Vegas too, which couldn't be more open-ended had it been a DVD and you paused it halfway through and said "that's it! That's the end!" before waving your hands and expecting a reaction.

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ASSASSYN 36o3806d ago

The good news is, Ubisoft isn't done with Rainbow Six Vegas and rather than seeing the terrorists fly away in a helicopter and into the sunset. (You can shoot the helicopter down at the end of rainbow 6 vegas.)

Guwapo773805d ago

If you were able to shoot the helicopter down then what? Did you capture the terrorist? If not, its pretty pointless...

Fluffy2Duffy3805d ago

Yay! can't wait for this game, hope the graphic wil be 10times better than the first one..counting the months......

Raiden3804d ago

Forget the graphics mate, the storyline, graphics improvement will only spoil the environment, you need continuity, that's why i like H3 (Halo 3) because the envirnment don't differe that much from 2 or even 1,
You many not like the game, but if you look at any movie and it's sequel, look at Starwars the last 3 chapter was re-done you that the first 3 would look close to the others.

I believe changes in graphics spoils the continuity, sharper graphics yes but most still have that air of it's predeseccor

Fluffy2Duffy3801d ago

I feel u man!i know what you mean, i don't know much of Halo series but i only play Halo2 on my brother xbox, wasnt that bad, so i got ps3 and i think the matter of fact that people concentrate too much on the graphics, and little on gameplay. You are right.