Kinect Star Wars offers 20 hours of gameplay

With Kinect Star Wars Microsoft thinks gamers can have up to 20 hours of fun. Every one of the four modes in the game makes use of some sort of story, mixing motion controlled section with more relaxing moments in the game.

During an event in Amsterdam global marketing director Michael Johson from Microsoft showed the four main gameplay aspects of Kinect Star Wars. The Jedi Mode and the Pod Racing Mode are the main attractions, while the Dance Mode and the Rancor Mode can be seen as extra's for people to enjoy. That's what Johnson told Zoomin Games during an interview.

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MAJ0R2277d ago

I'd rather play 2 hours of quality gameplay than 20 of complete nonsense shovelware gameplay...

SaffronCurse2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

+1 I'll be playing star wars the force unleashed since i haven't played it.

darthv722277d ago

this game....not sure about. The first part with fighting the droids was ok. I was digging the pod racing and the rancor smashing stuff was not bad.

When it showed the dancing and then leia Then again it is a kinect game and dance games are so hot right now.

If that is the extent of the dance then maybe. I dont want to end up trying to dance my way around darth vader later in the game or worse. Dance like a wookie.

Jobesy2277d ago

I realize this game is for kids, but it doesn't even look like you can die in the game. Where is the challenge in that?

morganfell2277d ago

Everybody wins. Did you come in last? Here's your medal. It's the new society that says winning is bad and no one should ever lose.

Blacktric2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

So it's not possible to finish in one "sitting"...


Okay I feel terrible now...

dragunrising2277d ago

My opinion of this game wasn't very good initially, however everything except the dance segment seems pretty decent. While this game isn't Star Wars: Battlefield, and is a Kinect game, that doesn't mean it "can't" be fun. Granted many gamers are instantly turned off (and dare I say intimidated) by Kinect and its casual appeal, there are decent games already available. Gunstringer, Child of Eden and Fruit Ninja Kinect are all very well done games. I wouldn't write off this game until the reviews come out or a demo is available.

HarryMasonHerpderp2277d ago

I thought the main problem with it was that it doesn't work,input lag etc?

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YodaCracker2277d ago

I can't wait to try this game.

archemides5182277d ago

that includes 18 hours of cantina dance mode

joab7772277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I am not a fanboy. I simply want to convey an idea to a game company. Make star wars for the ps3. How awesome would it be to use the move for this. It could b 1st person. The controllers light up green, blue, red, and purple. In a dark room, they glow. If done by a good fps game company, it could b high quality. Imagine swinging a glowing purple move controller and each time it makes that woosh noise. The move would b easier and better suited to use as a saber than a gun. It could basically b like zelda skyward sword for the ps3, produced very well with an amazing story. Like zelda, each enemy would be susceptible to different attacks. They could b used as a shield. With high quality programmers, u could literally become a walking jedi. If done by rocksteady or a company that really, really loves star wars and wants to make a game in which u become a jedi, this could b the first truly epic adventure for hardcore gamers, in regards to motion controls. It isn't so much that the controls are bad as what there are being used as. They are not guns. When they are used as ping pong paddles or golf clubs, they shine. They were made for this, to b lighteners.

If anyone is reading, do this. The great thing is that star wars never gets old, so there is no let's do this. Forget tmnt rocksteady...this is ur new idea. JK, but really, how awesome would it b if it was actually done well.

SaffronCurse2277d ago

Move would have worked so much better for this game..

PixL2277d ago

Probably Microsoft paid for another timed exclusivity deal for Star Wars franchise so this won't happen anytime soon...

urwifeminder2277d ago

Day one for me new tiger woods as well with kinnect me3 and the witcher that will keep me for half the year woo hoo.

DigitalRaptor2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

This poor game will sell millions on the basis that it is Star Wars and Kinect alone. 2 of the "hottest" names in entertainment apparently. I personally don't care about what it "hot" but what is actually good.

I recommend people go and sink 20 hours into a BioWare Star Wars game or even The Force Unleashed. That will be less of a waste of time.

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