Apple Year-End Report Card: A

Gizmodo - Brian Lam, Fri Dec 21 2007:

"Somewhere between 2006 and today, I stopped considering Apple an underdog. And I'm not just talking about their iPod numbers nor am I talking about their nowhere-close-to-Windows marketshare. I mean, screw marketshare, really: Does Porsche outsell Honda? Apple busted out some serious products like the iPhone and iPods and made aggressive growth in their notebook lines. That's not to say they had it easy. But I think all in all, Apple deserves a solid A for their products and excellent damage control."

iPhone: A-
Leopard OS: A
iPods: A-
Computers: A
TV, Hollywood and Music Industry Cooperation: D
Apple TV: C
Rumor Control: C
Keynote Reality Distortion Field: B
Media Control: N/A

Final Grade: A

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Zhuk3717d ago

there's no company worse than Crapple

beoulve3716d ago

troll with 5 bubbles. I wonder how he can keep his bubble.
Reported as spam.

TwissT3716d ago

Thats why they did better than Sony and Micosoft right?

Kaneda3716d ago

You don't like anything compete against M$?

Do you have this poster in your room?

Bonsai12143717d ago

haha. i laughed at keynote reality distortion field.. anyways, the grade is justified. apple is the company to emulate right now.

cooperation with entertainment industry deserves that grade. the industry is too old school and is avoiding change. apple is pressing the future.

socomnick3716d ago

Apple is not a good company they shove old crap down your throat in nice shiny packages and the idiots buy it up.

Bonsai12143716d ago

better than another software company that shoves ugly, flawed crap down your throats and you still go back for more time after time...

Dashmoney1013716d ago

greatest thing I have ever touched in my life!!!!!

I love being able to get on the internet, listen to my library and download new songs striaght to my Ipod all at the same time!

Say what u want about Apple but they know wat consumers want.

socomnick3716d ago

Apple buttraped you. They you paid over 300 dollars for 8 gigs of storage. or almost 500 for 16 gigs. Way to get swindled.

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