UT 3 in 3rd person Just like Gears of War

If you are like me and think Unreal Tournament is good maybe even great, but would like it to be 3rd person, becuase you arent that good in 1st person, I have got some good news for you!

I did a little research and found out that there are 3rd person mods out there on the PC and EPIC can have them cooked for the Playstation 3, the only thing you have to do is make some threads requesting Anubans Fav Mutator Pack. if you want some more go to the following thread:

and just keep telling Epic that you would like them to cook Anubans Fav Mutator Pack.

the more people we get the faster we can have it!


If you would play Unreal Tournament but there is only one thing called first Person View,stopping you from making that purchase, have I got some news for you!

A recent Mutator has been found which makes it possible to use the exact shoulder view, Gears of War is known for.

If you want this to be included in this next upcoming cooked package by Epic

Please go to the Unreal Tournament 3 forums and make requests for this to be included, and

Copy this Link into your post:

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Mercutio3642d ago

it seems that us console users are getting more and more freedom epic rocks!

Winter47th3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

You mean the PS3 console users, cause according to Mark they still don't know how to approach UTIII on the 360, and judging by the way Micro$oft 'made' them charge $$$ for the GOW maps even though they wanted'em for free FFS, looks like they're not going to 'allow' the possibility to make anything free on the 360.

jackdoe3642d ago

You could just wait for the tools to come out and cook it yourself.

Darkiewonder3642d ago

Anyone know if anyone is working on a different style that looks totally different? i know Wild Gunz is doing something real different[from the looks of it]

something like Okami maybe if possible? ;o

White-Sharingan3642d ago

Interesting, I wonder if itll work though

Gears was a slow pace shooter imo.

UT3 is a lot faster and crazier, I wonder if you can have the exact same accuracy in TPS. I will gladly welcome it, so w/e.

lockload3642d ago

Totally impractical for UT3 core gameplay styles but yes you can basically crsate an RTS if you wanted to

Kleptic3642d ago

haha yeah...I remember with either 2003 or 2004...someone created "the world's first second person shooter" which your view as out your could see the guy you could control, and had to shoot at the people you were having a perspective from...whenever you kill "yourself"...if that makes any would switch to someone else...

obviously it was completely fundamentally flawed gameplay wise...but it was funny, and even got a nod from Epic as the mod of the month or something back then...

your comment on a GTA top down view or RTS type thing reminded me of it thats all...

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