PSP on Vita - Top 20 Games Under $20

Sony's PS Vita launched across the country yesterday, bringing with it a functioning and large online digital distribution service.
While gamers have the option to download every PS Vita launch title, the PlayStation Store also has a broad PSP and Minis store, offering a wide range of titles for those of you that never invested in Vita's predecessor.
While the prices seem to vary sporadically -- some titles are ridiculously priced at $50, while others as low as $5 -- there's a whole bunch of high quality PSP games for under $20.

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brettyd2460d ago

Can you play mgs:po on vita with duel analog?

svoulis2460d ago

Yep, you can map the second analog as the buttons so you can aim with it..good stuff!

theusedfake2460d ago

I just bought Corpse Party for $19.99. I can't wait to start it up, I've heard good things

kamanashi2460d ago

It is pretty good. Especially the voice acting, which is fantastic.

NewMonday2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

got Corpse Party and the 3rd birthday for the Vita day 1

coryok2460d ago

im gonna have a lot of games to play on my vita :)

Killman2460d ago

Since my PSP has nearly hit it's end, =( I will be getting many classics on the Vita. =) The ability to use both analog sticks sounds great.