Two New Characters in Jump Festa FF Versus XIII Trailer

Japan (FXN) reporter Maiki has seen the new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer at the currently running Jump Festa convention in Japan, of which Square Enix has erected their notorious Closed Mega Theatre in once again.

Craftily reporting this snippet of news about the two new characters in Versus from here cellphone, Maiki has also put up her reproduction drawing of one of the Characters.

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Bonsai12143802d ago

screw squenix and their "closed" mega theater... make it open to the public. hopefully they'll have some real time stuff for versus this time, as opposed to mouthwatering CG. i'm interested in how this game really looks and plays.

then again, we have a potential year and some odd months to wait before this game comes out. hopefully they'll give some more details about ffxiii, because that one is close to release (only a year. whoo hoo.. haha)

vloeistof3802d ago

i want to see .. me bey will get a new 5 sec clip lol

NeXuSIoN3802d ago

I'll just wait and see what they have in store :D

picker3323802d ago

only a year. whoo hoo.
Was that a sacrasm?

Bonsai12143802d ago

yes, most definitely sarcasm.. too bad it doesn't transcribe over on the internet very well.. haha

killer_trap3802d ago

gameplay......i need to see gameplay. what the!!!! anything square please. i don't want to see another version of the same trailer with 6seconds new footage of new characters.