Bungie Discusses New DLC and Recent Map Tweaks

Frankie says, "The next batch of DLC is coming along nicely. I can pretty much guarantee that fans of arena style competitive gameplay will be taken care of. But I can also guarantee that my all-time favorite ever Halo map will be included too, if yesterday's playtest was anything to go by. A large map with some vaguely familiar features just rocked my world. It was AMAZING fun. Any time I am in an hour long standoff against an equally matched team and it never becomes frustrating, is evidence enough for me that we are onto something special. Hopefully we'll be able to share more details early in the New Year."

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iceice1233804d ago

Resistance fall of man maps cost 8$. 3 Halo 3 maps for 10$. Looks like Sony likes to nickel and dime its costumers.

TheXgamerLive3804d ago

R-FOM LOL!! Those maps sucked. Is anyone playing them? No.

DarkSniper3804d ago

Microsoft and Bungie have once again teamed up to stiff consumers at a rapid pace. The satanic organization known as Microsoft has conspired against consumers to ensure their pockets are emptied with as little content for their purchase. Slavery was prominent in the 1800's and Microsoft is making valiant efforts in resurging these same actions through the use of XBOX 360.

Sony on the other hand has given each and every gamer the choice to find their holy grail which is found on the PLAYSTATION 3®. With the AAA exclusive Unreal Tournament 3, players are able to create these same exact maps on Halo (new and old), and experience fastpaced, superior gaming fun on the PS3. All of which Dark Sniper has mentioned comes at no charge to the consumer.

Why? Because Sony cares. Microsoft is Satan.


The BS Police3804d ago

Preachers... I hate them all.

Especially Preachers like you who preaches for one company and agaisnt another due to fanboy believes, fact is both Sony and Microsofts main goals are to make money.

OOG FunK3804d ago

yo sniper ..go crawl back in your are one of the weirdest kids on this damn site...go get laid er somethin dude like honestly you weird creeper

BigKev453804d ago

$10 bucks for 3 maps, garbage. Talk about trying to milk in the money.

OOG FunK3804d ago

this is why you dont have to buy them....and eventually they will be free....if you are poor to bad so sad....but honestly they will be free eventually

zonetrooper53804d ago

Dude I bought the 3 maps and it was more expensive in the UK so you guys can shut the hell up, maybe get a job. I'm 16 and I have a job so I can afford them.

Can't wait for the next map pack ^_^

WilliamRLBaker3804d ago

here here, I purchased em and i have a job and have no problem.