IGN Overall Game of the Year annouced January 11

It's that time of year again, dear friends! Grab a snifter of your favorite brandy (or, for those of you not old enough, a glass of your favorite chocolaty drink), take a seat in that comfy recliner (yes, the one that seems to gently caress your supple buttocks in the way that makes you uncomfortably comfortable) and relax by the fire as we take you on a journey through the year that was 2007.

After all, 2007 has been one heck of a great year for entertainment whether you're into videogames, television, movies or cool electronic gadgets; and like we've always said at IGN, "another 12 months, another 1,200 reviews." Yes, a lot of products have crossed our desks this year, and we've done our best to evaluate as many of them as we can to tell you what we think is worth your hard-earned buck.

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skynidas3645d ago

Uncharted or Call of Duty 4

TANOD3645d ago

since IGN is now unbiased

UNCHARTED has the best graphics on CONSOLE and has the best AI in any form of game

The enemy AI of UNCHARTED is unreal

The gameplay is super fun too

P4KY B3645d ago

If COD4 was the 360's best game according to IGN
And Uncharted was the PS3's best game.

Then seeing that COD4 is out on the PS3 too, IGN must rate Uncharted higher than COD4.

Therefore its going to be either SMG or Uncharted.
I think they will go for SMG.

skyline20033645d ago

This is how a GOTY should be announced... not in f*ckin November when there are games that havent even come out yet..

TSB Breakdown3645d ago

not halo, uncharted, or mario
lookin for COD4 or Bioshock maybe

QuackPot3645d ago

That the GOTY contenders should only be the GOTY Winners of each console.

So the real deciding factor likely to be how much MP online plays in the scoring.

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The story is too old to be commented.