Killzone 3 Multiplayer Goes Free-to-Play, À la Cart On PSN Next Week

Next Tuesday, February 28, Sony will be giving away the multiplayer side of Killzone 3 away for free via its PlayStation Network. Any PlayStation 3 owner with an internet connection and a PSN account will be able to download Killzone 3 multiplayer across all of its maps, free-to-play style… up to a certain level cap.

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Snookies121891d ago

Wow that's... Really interesting. XD

LOGICWINS1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago ) say the least! Theres gunna be a crapload of players now. I gt my Move...I'm ready for all comers!

EDIT: So, since GG and Sony are providing all the maps for the people who already have KZ3(the disc version) get the free maps as well?

Abash1890d ago

This is EXACTLY what I needed to start playing my copy of Killzone 3 again. I love the multiplayer, it's my favorite online FPS this gen but I lost track of playing it with all the games I bought last year.

LOGICWINS1890d ago

Same here. I've been so busy with ME2 that I haven't had time to really devote to KZ3's MP. I'm def gunna find time to play it now.

dragunrising1890d ago

Exactly what I was thinking :-) I love playing shooters with Move. Killzone 3 implemented Move controls the best Imo. On an unrelated note, I'm looking forward to Sorcery and Move controls patched into Oddworld strangers wrath.

NatureOfLogic1890d ago

I'm downloading and playing this so they will do this with other games.

Commander_TK1890d ago

Awesome, but I also want to try out the campaign. Btw, does any1 know if it comes with the extra maps?

AC130-Gunship1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Sony must be coming out of pocket for this venture. Before the PSN network breach KZ3's multiplayer was one of the most popular online shooters. I was sure Guerrilla was pissed Sony cut the wind out of their sails with the incompetent network protections.

Proves when you focus on investor profits instead of your customers you will eventually pay through the nose Big time.

Arjan Brussee is also leaving the Guerrilla. I'm sure he's had enough.

Sashamaz1890d ago

Good riddance, maybe the story and direction of the game may finally improve. It's about time things changed, the game needs a fresh direction.

badz1491890d ago

I think I'll get back to KZ3. with Starhawk beta and all other games and not to forget the Vita...too little time!

guitarded771890d ago

Oh yeah!!! This should get more people playing. I love the online on KZ3.

SilentNegotiator1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Wha....where did that come from? KZ3's MP is going F2P all of the sudden?


BattleAxe1890d ago

Cool, I'll be down for this.

specialguest1890d ago

I just got my KZ3 and Move/Sharpshooter back from my friend who was originally supposed to borrow it for a couple of months. A couple of months became almost an entire year.

Just when I thought KZ3 online was probably going to be dead, along came this news.

Masta_fro1890d ago

This is [email protected] GREAT!!

Wish they would have done it sooner.

This should be massively promoted, a lot of publicity should go into this.

BTW, for those of you who havent tried starhawk...GET THAT BETA CODE NOW!!

Montrealien1890d ago

desperate times lead to desperate measure, here's hoping this works out. Killzone 3 has amazing MP.

SolidStoner1890d ago

ok, count me in, when its up I'm downloading it!

Yardie1890d ago

I think killzone 2 deserves more players, it's multiplayer was better than kz3's in my opinion.

However, i could see myself getting back into kz3

Getowned1890d ago

This is Awesome!!! freee games! I always wished PSN had a free game everyone could play like steam has TF2.

dantesparda1890d ago

my question is, if you have the disc version can you get the dlc maps for free? or do you have to dl the f2p version to get all the maps

Deputydon1890d ago

Meh. KZ2 Online was so much better.

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GribbleGrunger1890d ago

perhaps this is an experiment to determine whether to offer this with Starhawk when it releases

soundslike1890d ago

with starhawks current framerate, 15 bucks is about the maximum I'd pay for it.

GribbleGrunger1890d ago

that's odd because i was on it last night and it seemed very smooth

t0mmyb0y1890d ago

Isn't Starhawk mostly online. Wouldn't they not make money if it was free? Plus KZ3 has been out for a while. Might as well get some more interest from those who haven't tried?

CarlitoBrigante1890d ago

I hope with this new players will be introduced to Killzone 2. Its the best multiplayer experience I had this entire generation.

I see me owning again in Radec Academy, Tharsus, Bloodgracht...

Masta_fro1890d ago


Dude, played the game last night, buttery smooth.

On a side note, its the most fun ive had playing an online game since Halo CE.

Talk about a generation leap in gameplay, Starhawk is unbelievable.

fei-hung1890d ago

I think they are trying out the Gotham City Imposters price plan. That and the DCUO going f2p may have proven to be successful.

Also, if this is successful, this may lead to extra sales for the game and boost the KZ fanbase if they are to release a KZ4.

TooTall191890d ago

Haven't been able to get in a game of Starhawk so I can't tell how the framerate is.

MAJ0R1890d ago

Not necessarily, when I heard KZ3 was going F2P, Starhawk 2 immediately came to mind as a future F2P title. Sometimes developers can make more profits than they would if they released it as a paid release if they sell DLC and other extra things after the person is already playing it for free.

Just look at APB and other F2P stuff on Steam, I think they are doing very well because of all the premium stuff they sell for pure profit.

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Jamzluminati1890d ago

Sooooo, is PSN steam now or something?

MagicAccent1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Maybe not quite Steam-good.

Still, just thinking about those poor xbox 360 players constantly being fleeced by MS, PSN is practically a charity in comparison :P

jthamind1890d ago


yeah, Sony is so charitable that they're charging reasonable prices for their Vita memory cards.

oh, wait...

MagicAccent1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

I said PSN, not Sony.

The prices on the memory sticks are out outrageous ans stupid, I agree. How much do MS charge for their next gen hand held accecories?

oh wait...

hazardman1890d ago

your obviously a fanboy! Do all your comments include jabs at MS? Anyway I'm glad more people will enjoy this great game. If this works that would be awesome for Sony and PSN. Kudos to Sony for this and hope we see it more with future games!

MagicAccent1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )


I am definately not a fanboy. I own ALL consoles and I use them almost every day(except the vita which I don't have).

I'm sorry if 'you' are so fanboyish to accept the fact that PSN has surpassed xbox live in terms of content and services(steam integration, hello..), and the MS customers keep putting up with their crap.
I'm sorry, but it's true. They don't even offer proper support for Indie game devs. They want a industry monopoly, and gamers and developers have suffered for it. Games like LBP or ModNation Racers couldn't happen on their console because of their backwards policies.

I am a gamer. Not a sheep, and not a fanboy.

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Gamer19821890d ago

A fantastic sales technique. Unlike with the first Xbox and Halo where there was no competition Killzone always had plenty so it found it hard to make a name for itself on PS3. This could well be the opportunity it needs to sell itself as the number 1 exclusive FPS franchise on PS3.

ritsuka6661890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Talk about desperation here people... looks KZ3 fails in salles compared of KZ2,this is what happens when you completely forget you fanbase KZ2 and dumbing down for COD kids.

ABizzel11890d ago

They should do this with more games for PS+ Users.

And older games should have their multiplayer free after about 2-3 years to keep the community going, just make The DLC in small packs for $1 (1 map, 2 new guns, 2 new skins for $1).

StraightPath1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

trying to get players to play this game that died in its first week. I played it ages ago the mp lobby must be dead and sony trying so hard to get more players. PS3 players love COD. But since free people will get it.

Patriots_Pride1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

This totally caught me of guard - I would expect this for the Resistance franchise but not KZ.

I have mixed feeling about this, on one hand its good that more people get to play it and the lobbies will be full but on the otherhand this could mean that Sony will not give GG a huge budget if they make a next KZ.

I always knew that Sony made a mistake in giving GG more attention and resources over Naughty Dog but ND proved that they are the true kings of the PS3 and deserve to be treated like no.1 developers. Not to say GG are bad but ND were just more hungry I guess.

Loadedklip1890d ago

Look at it this way ... Killzone 3 kinda flopped already but it is a good game so IF by giving this limited free version away ... it gets the community online to grow and gains the interest of a lot of new players ... then there will be a market for Killzone 4. It's pretty simple ... what do they have to lose? Nothing. They might just gain a huge franchise if this works.

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GraveLord1891d ago

OMFG! This is huge!
This can really put KZ3 on the map.

Anyone know if the DLC released so far will be free as well?

yesmynameissumo1890d ago

All maps are available with the F2P MP release of Killzone 3. There is only a level cap. I think it's pretty damned innovative idea. Not sure why it wasn't thought of sooner.

biRdy1890d ago

Microsoft! please take notes! I would love to see gears of war and halo have this! Sony good move! I get to try the game now.

NBT911890d ago

the thing is, I understand it being free will get new players in. But with arguably the biggest part of the game now free, how many of those people will buy the full version?

Oh well, more players FTW!

ravinash1890d ago

I think the levels are capped, so if you want to grow further, you have to buy the game.
Good way of getting your feet wet.

REALgamer1890d ago

This has previously happened with FEAR 1 and Crysis on PC.

FEAR's multiplayer was released freely as 'FEAR Combat', while Crysis' multiplayer was released as Crysis Wars.

Interesting to see how well it work on console.

eyeDEVOUR1890d ago

Ughh... this HAS been done before.. anybody remember the extremely underated game called__ MAG__.. lol

Ray1861890d ago

This isn't new. They did the same thing with MAG last year.

wolokowoh1890d ago

@NBT91 The full version is no longer pulling in all that much. Look at the prices at any retailer($20 at the most, lowest I seen was $8). Its very smart business. They stand to make a lot more from people paying to remove the cap or any other fees than they would off retail and the money they're making covers the cost of server maintenance. Every online game should do this when the retail price gets low enough.

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vickers5001890d ago

Sounds like one of the best demos ever.

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slutface1890d ago

I guess GG made enough money to let it go free!

Nightfallen1890d ago

Got to admit, my first thought was the opposite.

-Alpha1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

My thoughts exactly, Killzone 3 was never really a success with the fans and the overall sales were lower than that of Killzone 2. The community is also struggling, I can find fuller games in K2. I doubt we would see this if the game was massively successful like other shooters.

Still, it's an experiment worth trying for a series that could benefit from it, and it seems Sony is testing the waters for a really interesting approach.

Hm, can you play this on the VITA?

Outside_ofthe_Box1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Alpha has it on point.

Killzone 2 fans have been saying this since the PS+ private beta in October 2010:

A year after Killzone 3's release the muliplayer will be dead because all the people that were active on KZ2 for 2+ years will not be playing KZ3.

Fast forward to now, KZ3's online community is so dead that they are giving it away for free...

I believe Guerrilla Games has learned their lesson now.

Sevir1890d ago

A case like Insomniac and Resistance 3 where it improves on everything that its prequels failed at but be largely ignored by its fanbase that claims they play gets yet over looks a great title that really is heads and shoulders above the rest! >_>

Killzone 3 was an excellent game introduced new features and brought back features from previous games in its series! While giving a better campaign! They largely addressed the lag which many of the hardcore fans cried about, and what exactly happened to killzone 3...? The hardcore called it a COD copy!

If you play any COD game and then play Either KZ2/3 you'll quickly realize that KZ feels different than COD! It's heavy It's, a bit more in accurate in its aim, its "War Perfected" COD is for a totally different market! But fans cry, and hold grudges and like what happened to R3 and insomniac, will be fall KZ4 and GG!

I hope this bolsters the community and shuts these cry babies up! Because KZ3 is awesome! :-)

Jamaicangmr1890d ago

I think this is more of an attempt to revitalize activity on the servers which will intern generate more sales.

I haven't played in awhile because i just got bored the game is fun but the maps a too few and not interesting enough. Frozen Dam is still my fav though.

k-dillinger1890d ago

they need more ppl since they banned damn near there whole community f.y.i do not wear a mic while playing you will get banned for saying anything


I'm sure if you were banned then you deserved to be banned.

Rageanitus1890d ago

Although I was not a fan of kz multiplayer this is gr8 news.....

this is opposite of online pass :)