Jak and Daxter HD Collection (PS3) Review By Canadian Online Gamers

Being a “mature” gamer, I really love all the attention older titles from days gone by are getting. There has been a fantastic movement as of late to remaster older games and bring them as close as possible to today’s video game standards. Hot on the heels of God of War, Metal Gear Solid and ICO HD remakes comes the Jak and Daxter Collection.

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Ilovetheps42281d ago

I would buy it but it's sold out everywhere. Every Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Best Buy is sold out within 100 miles of my house.

Allowen2281d ago

You can buy it from the PSN store for $15 each or for $40 the three games.

morkendo232281d ago

If only insomniac would catch on with RATCHET AN CLANK HD collection.

SoapShoes2281d ago

It'd be a Sony thing anyway... I doubt Naughty Dog pushed for this collection, it was probably Sony that asked them if they'd mind and got another company to do the porting.