IGN: Vollee Q&A - Streaming PC games to mobile phones

At CTIA this year, IGN Wireless took part in a private demo of Vollee, an upcoming mobile game service that streams PC games to mobile phones. It's a radically different way to deliver mobile games, but in the era of YouTube, streaming content really isn't an outrageous proposition. IGN recently had a chance to catch up to Vollee's Head of Business Development, Julian Corbett, and ask him some questions about his company and how it could change the way you get your mobile gaming fix.

Julian Corbett explains how Vollee's service works: "Vollee streams console and PC games directly to a mobile handset using 3G networks. We host the games on our servers, and users download a player or thin-client to their handset which gives them access to the titles we have licensed and adapted for mobile."

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