IGN's PS3 Mesmerize Impressions & Screens

IGN writes, "Anyone who hopped on to the PlayStation Store yesterday -- presumably looking for the Warhawk expansion or perhaps some of the free holiday add-ons for Folklore and MotorStorm -- probably saw a few new PlayStation Eye games now available for download. We decided to snag a copy of Mesmerize, a simple piece of software by Sony Computer Entertainment's London Studio, and see what it's all about."

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MK_Red3777d ago

OMG, I remember this one from the PS Eye trailer. Looks really cool and interesting and for 2 bucks, it's more than welcome.

resistance1003777d ago

Its annoying these games have been on the EU store for ages, yet the standalone PS EYE is yet to be released D: and i don't fancy forking out £55 for Eye Of Judgement

DJ3777d ago

and really don't recommend it. It doesn't feature any of the cool levels (only 5 of them) that were shown at TGS.

Jinxstar3777d ago

I agree but for a few bucks I wont complain... I did still hope to see that one level where the guy was building what looked like Cities with his hands... Over all though I prolly wont ever use it again :(

Avto3776d ago

his is like a dream come true very nice indeed