Warhawk: Omega Dawn Review

theps3zone writes: Incognito have just released there first of what is likely to be many expansion packs for Warhawk. Operation Omega Dawn has some exciting new features including the new map Omega Factory and a new vehicle known as the KT-424 Combat Dropship. Other maps have also been given new layouts to adapt to dropships as it can greatly change the way teams play.

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Bolts3830d ago how much the 1.2 patch sucks. The 5 second respawn time ruined CTF.

icechai3830d ago

5 sec respawn time is set by servers not the patch

Kleptic3830d ago

yeah...with 1.2 though they made all official servers 5 second respawns used to be 3 I thought (a number you couldn't set on your own servers, it was just increments of 5)...

I wouldn't say it ruined anything...if anything I think it helped...charging into a base and killing a guy...grabbing a flag and getting to a jeep...only to have the guy you just killed immediately bakc and knifing you out of the Jeep was pretty chumpy...the short respawns was almost an incentive to base camp to get a high score...I can't tell you how tired I got of CTF when there would be 15 guys just running around their flag...and would have 1 occasional dude going for our just makes it a messy TDM where you have to travel across the map each time to find the enemy...

also though...I haven't had much time with the expansion yet...and I have to admit...I haven't had ANY fun with it either...everyone just wants to try the dropship...and I haven't seen 1 person use it effecitvely...the new map is great...the dropship will be cool if people learn what to do with it...

icechai3830d ago

played 2 out of probably 14 CTF games where dropship was used effectively, but when both teams use it well, it becomes reallllly intense and fun. I say give it some time for the average player to get used to the idea of it. Dropships picking up flag carriers, dropping them off 1/3 across the map before being blown to bits or retreating, and dropships protecting bases with warhawks and tanks everywhere is just insane.

BigKev453830d ago

$7.99 is a bit steep for the add on.

pezza3830d ago

Nice review. You should check this out if you haven't already.

neogeo3830d ago

Its a great weapon if you have a good team. flying it alone is nothing compared to having 6 people inside firing swarmer's, lifting a tank with 2 people insode while I unload firepower of gods wrath on the other team...

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