Gran Turismo 5: Prologue images

A handful of screen captures from GT5:P.


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PStriple7033622d ago

what is forza again, wow this game looks amazing

ddldave3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

damn, GT5 is really going to rock, better graphics and sound than PGR4, better physics and simulation than Forza2. what more can a driving sim fan ask for?

Forza is made by American company, Gran Turismo is made by Japanese Company. Therefore Gran Turismo is JDM like Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. You can stick to Forza just like Ford, Chevy, and Pontiac. But no thanks, I'd rather stick to JDM.
Gran Turismo sold over 10.5 million copies world wide.
Gran Turismo 2 sold over 9.37 million copies world wide.
Gran Turismo 3 sold over 14.87 million copies world wide.

In just 1 week after it's release, Gran Turismo 4 sold over 1 million copies alone in Japan.

Forza sold 1 million copies world wide.
Forza 2 has not reached 2 million copies sold world wide yet.

Gran Turismo has always been the better franchise and will remain the better franchise. Its realism and gameplay is just too superior to be compared to Forza, Need For Speed, or Project Gotham Racing.

lol let's not forget to mention 360 doesn't have any games. PS3 has all the games, killzone 2, final fantasy 13, metal gear solid 4, gran turismo 5, white knight story, little big planet. all 360 has is little crappy mass eflop with horrible framerates, gaylo 3 where all the little 11 year olds like to scream over xbox live, it's like the new power rangers. and fakeza 2, the fake driving simulator.

Guwapo773622d ago

All I can say is...WoW!

resistance1003622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

This game is stunning, got my copy from Japan through today and hooked it up to my HDTV straight away.

@DARKKNIGHT - its late (nearly 4 in morning in UK) so can't take any pic of me playing the game, however heres the case for now

DARKKNIGHT3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

im hating on you right now.

im gonna give you negative feedback now.

sike!!+ bubbles

any pics would be a welcome gift......i cant wait to get my hands on this

rofldings3622d ago

Any problems with using the Japanese language or is it pretty straight forward? Considering importing it, but I don't speak/read Japanese.

wangdiddy823622d ago

should be pimped slapped.. lol..

Arent they adding damage in the full game?

resistance1003622d ago

Yes damage has been confirmed for the final version, however some cars won't have damage as the manufactuers won't allow it

ThaGeNeCySt3622d ago

This game doesn't look unreal...


but that's because it looks real.

Bill3622d ago

This title is shaping up to define the term "next gen"...and Playstation 3 is the only system on the market that can offer a game like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.