The anatomy of a PlanetSide 2 battle in 2,000 words

It’s a big deal when we put a game on our cover: it’s a massive undertaking of asset-wrangling, hours of interviewing, page storyboarding, cutting, transcribing, and other tasks that make us perfect models for clichéd stock photos of “people at work.” For our PlanetSide 2 issue, I came home with buckets of good words—more stuff than we could fit in a magazine.

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caboose322488d ago

Honestly I think they would make a PS3 version if they could, but there are 2000 person battles in this game, and I don't think they were able to pull it off on the current generation of consoles.

camel_toad2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I loved the original Planetside and would love to play this one but I dont think my current system will be able to handle it sadly.