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So last night I had one of the most amazing gaming experiences of my life. This is what happened...

"An incredible thing happened last night. I had an amazing gaming experience the like of which I have never experienced before. I've been playing games for over three decades, which is officially a long time, so any new experience is not an insignificant achievement. And this particular thing that happened blew my mind." (Journey, PS3)

PinkFunk  +   975d ago
I'm intensely excited for Journey. Being a big supporter of Thatgamecompany.

It's great to emphasize the point that 'innovation' doesn't require a massive surge of technology or funding, but instead dedicating time and effort to fully develop a simple concept. I'm not saying it's an easy thing to do, but the end result is seamless, intuitive, and just works. I'm mostly talking about going through the journey with an anonymous partner, and developing a bond through a physical and movement based language. It sounds wonderful.

Can't wait to experience it myself. And I hope for more games like this. Not big budget, but simple care and good design.
inveni0  +   974d ago
I agree with you completely.


Now, I'm just waiting for an article to crop up that says, "You wouldn't believe the a**hole I played Journey with yesterday..." /s
StraightPath  +   974d ago
cant wait to play this game. Hopefully it delivers a unique never before seen experience.
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   975d ago
" I like playing games on my own and actively avoid online interactions with other gamers. Especially strangers. It's just not something I enjoy."

He is my people :). This game looks pretty damn interesting though. Can'y believe it's taken so long to finally arrive.
camel_toad  +   975d ago
Ha "he is my people" too. Looking forward to this one.
kesvalk  +   975d ago
that make us 3

more games like that need to be made, that is what makes gaming awesome.
inveni0  +   974d ago
Yup. I hate multiplayer.
MagicAccent  +   974d ago
Same here. I don't trust strangers :P

But seriously, this looks to be a multiplayer experience like no other, too good to pass up. Hopefully all the trolls will be playing MW3 when this game is released.

One thing worries me though, according to the article, it seems like the game is only around 3 hours in length.. I was kind of hoping it would be a little longer that that.
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Cablephish  +   975d ago
It's kinda funny, how you're all each this guy's people, but you're also a stranger to him too, lol.
Hicken  +   975d ago
I want to play it. I MUST play it. I hope they continue making amazing games in the future.
strange1986  +   975d ago
Have you seen the recent music trailer? Gives me chills for sure. Ugh I cannot wait!
Liquid_Ocelot  +   975d ago
Have a link? Please?
strange1986  +   975d ago
@Liquid - Ah, yes:

Old McGroin  +   975d ago
Looks good and good article. I've still got no idea what to expect from this game and I'm still looking forward to it!
NukaCola  +   975d ago
Well that is the journey then...

I am excited too bro. Maybe we might see each otehr online there one day. Strange sense is that we would never know (I wonder if they would pop up in your 'recently met' section of the PS3 Friends tab.)
no_more_heroes  +   975d ago
SillyBastid   975d ago | Offensive
newflesh  +   975d ago
Wow, didnt see it coming until I read about this game here. Very excited to be ablr to play it. Flower was excellent
coolasj  +   975d ago
Apparently there was an ~2 hour playtime. And someone said $15 for that much was a waste. I would rather spend $15 on something that can make a case as art than some random iMax movie.
KwietStorm  +   974d ago
That's my biggest concern. I've heard about the innovation ans the creativity and jenova Chen and this and that for so long, but I'm trying to budget my purchases so I can get the games I want and know that I will be playing either for a good amount of time or will get my money's worth. $15 for a 2 hour game that vocally doesn't like multiplayer might put me off, even though I do want to play this. I might wait for Papo y Yo instead.
Shawtymann  +   974d ago
i was fortunate enough to play the Journey Beta and I had the same feeling he felt when I ran across another player
joinsideke  +   974d ago
Great article Cundy.

It's unexpected moments like this that keep me with faith for new titles. I'm full of anticipation.
Gamerita  +   974d ago
good stuff,anyone knows when will this game come out ? found it,its the 14th March.
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Sevir  +   974d ago
NA/ 13 March
UK/EU 14 March!! I Thoroughly loved Flow, and I loved Flower! Im really looking forward to another master piece from TGC!!!! its hard to believe they came this far with such small and simple ames Journey is by far their biggest title in scope! its just nuts to see that the've created a game based on reaching a mountain. and not being able to talk!!! They are by far one of the most innovative game devs out there and i sure hope They become first party for later on for Sony!!! Games like this on the Vita and on the next PS Home console will be amazing!!!
Psychotica  +   974d ago
I hate reading about games like this only to find out it's not out yet! Sounds real good..
MasterD919  +   974d ago
The game does look quite fascinating.

Technology doesn't always mean success either. There have been a lot of flops that required quite a bit of resources and funding only to fail. A game like this is refreshing.
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