From 8-bits to 16-bits: Video game characters show off a sexier figure

Bitmob Staff Writer Samir Torres: Back in the '80s I was perfectly happy with the 8-bit graphics of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Sega Master System (SMS). Once I saw the improved visuals of the Genesis and Super Nintendo (SNES), though, it was hard to go back.

I selected 10 classic characters at random to show you how much nicer their sprites look thanks to the wider color palette of 16-bit consoles.

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contra1572309d ago

They need to respect and bring back more games with pixels especially updated ones which look beautiful and recognized as video games. SNK has done a beautiful job at this

JBaby3432308d ago

You got that right. The crush is still there.

THR1LLHOUSE2309d ago

Master System Ecco is adorable.

Also: Alex Kidd looks kinda dumb no matter what. Am I alone in thinking that?

NagaSotuva2308d ago

Shh...he can hear everything....

THR1LLHOUSE2308d ago

That's crazy talk. He can't possi--*KICKED IN THE FACE*