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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Revealed

According to the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be the sequel to the 2010 reboot and is again being developed by Danger Close Studios for an October release. (EA, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Virus201  +   921d ago
I'm glad that Danger Close is working on the multiplayer this time. I enjoyed the single player even though it was short. However I didn't really enjoy the multiplayer because it felt like DICE didn't really try.
scrambles  +   921d ago
DICE used MoH's multiplayer to test out some parts for BF3's multiplayer. Then the rest they filled in with BC2's multiplayer.
thrasherv3  +   921d ago
Test out what? They didn't use what I thought was really important in the first game: score streaks.
Solid_Snake37  +   921d ago
Yeah, i got that feeling too...
jony_dols  +   920d ago
The name is a bit cliched. Since when was a MOH game about anything other than fighting wars?
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morganfell  +   920d ago
Sniping ruined the MP and by the time Dice addressed the issue, being too busy with BF3 preparation, the game was dead. The map used for the beta was the only map where snipers could not rule.

It was laughable, even as those that only sniped joked about how they were racking up scorechains and dropping JDAMs they were the architect of destroying the game they claimed to love.
Lior  +   921d ago
They toned down the multiplayer for some reason on that game not at all like dice to do so
badz149  +   921d ago
the campaign was ok
but the amount of spawnkill in MP killed it for me! broken spawn point FTL!
SolidGear3  +   921d ago
Can't wait to see it on Frostbite 2! XD
BattleAxe  +   921d ago
Yeah, I'm so excited to see Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter....erps......I mean Medal of Honor Warfighter........burp
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thorstein  +   920d ago
You mean: Medal of Honor: Point Gun at Enemy, Pull Trigger?
Clayman  +   921d ago
sonicsidewinder  +   921d ago
Medal of Honour - Battleman

Medal of Honour - Conflict-Stomper

Medal of Honour - Warzoner

Medal of Honour - Gun Shooter

Call of Duty - Project Iron Sights

Call of Duty - Dogs of Battle-War

Call of Duty - Medal of Victory

Call of Duty - Answer the phone Call (of duty)
cannon8800  +   921d ago
Call of Duty 10 - brush your teeth
Call of Duty 11 - scratch his balls
Call of Duty 12 - forever alone
BiggCMan  +   921d ago
Medal of Honor: Pull the Trigger to Shoot the Gun
Agent_hitman  +   921d ago
Medal of honor - Playboy operation
Medal of Honor - Layoff
Medal of Honor - Candy arse
Medal of Honor - Tits of Europe
Medal of Honor - Crying-to-your-mama

Call of Duty - Kotick's Warfare
Call of Duty - EA assault
Call of Duty - West and Zampela trial
Call of Duty - overrated
Call of Duty - Multi-billion profit
Call of Duty - Kindergarten
Call of Duty - Voice chat trolling
Call of Duty - Xbox live verbal abuse
Call of Duty - Gay marriage
Call of Duty - Same sex marriage
Call of Duty - Pay-activision-double-the-pric e
Call of Duty - Expensive DLC ops!

And last but not least....

Call of Duty - Kotick's Bazillion assets and liablities
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Rivitur  +   921d ago
Ccccc-ombo breaker.

On a side note I'll just leave this here.

Related image(s)
thorstein  +   920d ago
Medal of Honor: Point Shooty Thing at Enemy, Pull Boom maker

Medal of Honor: Shoot that guy, numbnutz.

Medal of Honor: Fightwar-er

Medal of Honor: BattleWrangler

Medal of Honor: Shooting at Enemies

And finally,

Call of Duty: Thanks for your cash.

PS: All of the above posters = WIN.
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RememberThe357  +   921d ago
Yeah, it just sounds stupid, like something a little kid would call it. I'm really not a fan of that name but it wont really matter if the game is good.
cannon8800  +   921d ago
If anything It'll become famous for its name lol
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BlmThug  +   920d ago
Agent_hitman killed the joke :L
t0mmyb0y  +   921d ago
What is going on here
fragnificent  +   920d ago
Medal of Honour- Fenton! Fenton!
dazzrazz  +   921d ago
There is no way I'm even considering this title on sale, bought last Medal on day 1 and to be honest it was piece of shit in every aspect. I won't be but fucked for $60 bucks again where whole reeboot experience was abandoned by studio(s) around the time they finished releasing free and paid DLC.
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Jobesy  +   921d ago
Lol yes you will. They'll put in a beta for BFBC3 and you will buy it.
Minimox16  +   921d ago
Lol!! indeed xD
Tr3y4life   921d ago | Spam
Xenial  +   921d ago
I disagree because i will be buying, but that on the other hand is true. They practically said **** the game then handed out some crap dlc. Community support was horrible. Starting to make me rethink as well.
dgonza40  +   921d ago
The story in MOH was deeper and more emotionally investing than any other military shooter i've played.. there was a sense of comradery, loss, campiagn was great albeit short.
Ravenor  +   921d ago
The guy with the beard was awesome...what was his name again...?

In short...I disagree.
artdafoo  +   920d ago
Not sure about more Emotional but deff a much more realistic SP than COD's over the top the world is on the brink of all out war and its up to you to save it again story. The graphics where also a step above with being able blow limbs off bad guys with a well placed shotgun blast.
t0mmyb0y  +   921d ago
Got it for $20 in the Walmart bin. For some reason the online code doesn't work, but I didn't really care.
mokopa  +   920d ago
Your right. I also fell for it day one. This is how it will go down, May - A tidbit trailer to wet your appetite; July - They tell you MOH is coming again; September - Exclusive demo on a console (which don’t even beat a mouse and keyboard); 01 October - MOH is on all game magazine as the coming of the messiah and is touted by reviewers as such; Launch day - Supermodel booth babes with exclusive press showing and me running to the store to pick one. The studios have a PHD in how to brainwash customers out of their money on yearly basis. Cash cow strategy anyone.
bahabeast  +   921d ago
i loved medal of honor and im looking forward to playing this
SuperBeast811  +   921d ago
It was truely an underrated game
SilentNegotiator  +   921d ago
A sequel to this generation's most mediocre modern warfare style game. Woopee.
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KeiserSosay4788  +   921d ago
Completely agree! Going from the MP beta to Danger Close's single player felt like going backwards in time. The entire feel of the game felt like COD which I personally don't like AT ALL. Going from a pretty good amount of recoil and feel of weight in gun handling in MP to a no recoil laser gun fest was WEAK.
HungPHATx  +   921d ago
Ya and Call of Duty is ground breaking !
Kurt Russell  +   921d ago
Both have been done to death, become stale and started to stink. Need a more interesting genre if they want to keep shooters alive. More games in space are required.
Liquid_Ocelot  +   921d ago
I believe the most mediocre modern warfare game not only this gen but ever, is actually Modern Warfare itself. -_-
BALLARD32  +   921d ago
If you're talking about Call of Duty 4, then I disagree. CoD4 has really paved the way for a lot of modern shooters. Anyway, I never played the newest MoH but I hope they can do something with their sequel. We need to be liberated from these cookie cutter fpss.
Young_ART  +   921d ago
theres been MANY modern warfare shooters BEFORE codmw was even announced
NarooN  +   921d ago
CoD4 paved the way? Funny because I guess it paved the way and immediately stopped being innovative the second it came out, because every sequel to it has been trash, as well as any game inspired by it (Homefront, anyone?)

CoD4 was a nice game, but that was it. And there were tons of modern combat games before CoD4 was even though of, like Battlefield 2, some of the Desert Storm games, Full Spectrum Warrior, SOCOM, etc.

Honestly, all CoD4 did was have the same old CoD gameplay, just added in killstreaks and put it in a modern setting. People saying the game was "fast" and "hectic" clearly never played any of the other CoD games before it, since they were just as fast, if not faster in some cases.
KingOptimus777   921d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
turgore  +   921d ago
Who else thinks Warfighter is a funny name ? It's like they are trying too hard to make macho names. StrongBad anyone ?
Clayman  +   921d ago
Ghost recon advanced warfighter.
I think it's too similar.
sonicsidewinder  +   921d ago

Medal of Honour - Not so Advanced Warfighter
DeadlyFire  +   921d ago
Medal of Honor: Modern Warfighter

Elwenil  +   921d ago
It's a military term in common usage:

DlCK_DANGEROUSLY  +   921d ago
Although I did not enjoy my time with the multiplayer personally, I did find the campaign to be refreshing.

There were a bunch of things that I didn't care for but I'm not going to list them all. MY main problem is that my bff(lol) lives a couple of hours away(he lives near some of my family not that you care lol). Anyways, my problem was the complete lack of any sort of pre-game lobby system. It's rough when the only time you talk to someone(aside from the occasional text) is online. Especially when you have to jump straight into a match and not even being able to say "hello" or complain about work(me) or the old lady(him) first.

ANYWAY..... I'm going to be keeping my eyes on this for the time being. What actually got my attention at all is that they will now be making both the single player and the multiplayer aspects... So..... here's hoping.
MrGunny94  +   921d ago
Looking forward to it, can't wait to see the job they did...

Hope they fixed the Lag delay though... it was the thing that i hated in the multiplayer
BattleTorn  +   921d ago
From my impressions EA is alternating Battlefield/MoH much like Activisons alternating development cycle of Call of Duty.

Is this correct?

I say this with hopes that Metal of Honor in 2012 will be what Battlefield 3 was of 2011 (2011-present).
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trenso1  +   921d ago
I think so too, but EA has more to alternate with, BF, BC, and MoH, if they put 2143 as another bf3 game then they have 3 games which at their core play similar have vast differences. I didn't bother with MoH cause I played the beta and it didn't tickle my fancy.
BattleTorn  +   921d ago
I think they have more to alternate with, as well.

I made the comparison without liking it myself.

I think EA has to have a FPS-release annually in order to compete against COD. And I enjoy Battlefield3 immensely, and loath CoD. '
So an annual EA-FPS release is great in my mind.
Be it BC, MoH, or BF; I'll be buying.
josephayal  +   921d ago
Ps vita Exclusive?
Buljo  +   921d ago
I'm actually glad they announced this. The first game was refreshing in it's singleplayer, orienting on the soldier's story and companionship except "'splosions and invasions and shit" CoD does.. I didn't like the multiplayer much simply because I have BC2 and they felt, looked and played the same, but Battlefield is Battlefield.

Here's to hoping the next MoH won't be another Battlefield in disguise.
0neShot  +   921d ago
Warfighter? This title has already been used by Ghost Recon a few years ago. Talking about rehash ideas, MOH die hards should be concerned.
IM_KINECTED  +   921d ago
I admit that I bought Medal Of Honor on the Xbox 360 when it when on sale for like $10. I loved the single player campaign, absolutely loved it. The ability to go prone, switch the guns from semi auto to automatic. It was really great, although it was short.

Then I go to the multiplayer, which played like a Bad Company ripoff, it handled so different from the campaign, no prone, no switching rate of fire, it was just bad.

Now that Dice is stay away from this game, I might actually be inclined to buy this game earlier.

Am I the only one that thinks EA's plan to "Not release a sequel yearly" is to release a Battlefield game <Bad Company or regular> and then MOH game after? I mean it's basically the same cycle as COD, 2 year game cycles.
PandaJenkins  +   921d ago
I actually really enjoyed the SP of the last game. Quite keen to see what they will do next.
Hufandpuf  +   921d ago
I liked the last MOH. Not the best game, but it was really gritty in its realism which is hard to find these days. I'm also glad to see DICE isn't developing it because They need to focus on BF.

And if BF and MOH are alternating then MOH should focus on the ground warrior with small objective based game modes in multiplayer with 2 to 4 squads of 4, and have a HEAVY focus on gun customization. NO PERKS or KILLSTREAKS PLZ.

also they should bring Combat Mission back
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ZippyZapper  +   921d ago
Milk it like Activision EA

Modern Warefare
Black Ops

Medal of Honor
OcularVision  +   921d ago
Thanks for stating the obvious. Everybody knows EA is going with a schedule like this assuming everything goes well for those games:
2012: MoH
2013: BF:BC3
2014: MoH
2015: BF4 (or maybe another spin-off)
2016: MoH
2017: BF:BC4 (or a spin-off)

The 2014 MoH is probably gonna be the first next-gen flagship shooter from EA.
Gamer-Z  +   921d ago
For those of you who are saying that this game is going to be the same thing as the last MOH should try reading the article. It says that this MOH will not be co developed which means the SP & MP will be a more cohesive experience. Also it looks like it will be using frostbite 2 which is going to make a big difference in the way the game looks and plays especially when you consider frostbite 2 is designed to run at 60fps just like id Tech 3 (the COD engine) and if Danger Close decides to go that route we might be seeing yet another strong alternative to COD.
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BeardedPriest  +   921d ago
Treyarch, Danger close, Sledgehammer, Dice... These guys are going to get their shit pushed in by RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENT
koston3647  +   921d ago
we literally know NOTHING about their project.
I can't exaggerate this point enough.

NOTHING = what we know about Respawn's first game
SuperBeast811  +   921d ago
why dont they just name them like Madden Medal of Honor 2012!!!
Young_ART  +   921d ago
wasnt there a cover system in the campaign? itd be interesting if that translated to the MP, but unfortunately it didnt. I liked the MP, but it did feel like a toned down battlefield.......whether thats "bad" is up to the individual player, all I know is EA just seems to be trying to attract the COD players that dont like BF to this game.

This gen it seems to be all about getting some of that COD marketshare.....smh hence how every title is an FPS. -___-
Der_Kommandant  +   921d ago
Medal of honor Campaign was pure awesomeness
chasegarcia  +   921d ago
Why keep hyping up Dice? A lot of the games they make feel unfinished. Especially Medal of Honor.
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xVeZx  +   921d ago
the ghost recon games were more advanced..
leemo19  +   921d ago
I loved sp of moh 2010 especially the last mission since that was base off a real event and you actually felt something when Neil Roberts (rabbit) dies. I think Danger Close did great job just showing off the best they could to what the real U.S. soldiers do and go through in sp. I hope Danger close does that again and pushes the sp more and makes it a lot longer. Now mp is indeed of a overhaul tweaking and fixing. Moh 2010 had a good mp but it felt so much could still be done to it and it was trying to be cod but also bf and didn't work as well as it should.
mynameisEvil  +   921d ago
I have to say, though, they didn't portray Rabbit's death as it was IRL. He apparently fell out of the Chinook with only a pistol and 2 grenades. His LMG didn't fall out with him, he ran out of ammo, and they took him and shot him.

Bit different than it was shown in the game.

gcolley  +   921d ago
too many war games. it is sad that the best selling games these days worship modern warfare in an age where we should be moving this chunk of rock towards a peaceful and safe planet. probably too deep for this site to comprehend, no offense intended.
TronEOL  +   921d ago
I'm glad they decided to let DICE sit this one out. I actually enjoyed the Single Player of MoH way more than the Multiplayer DICE made for it. So it'll be nice to see what Danger Close will put together in regards to MP. I don't doubt it'll be better than the previous attempt.
Sizzon  +   921d ago
Awesome, didn't bought the last MoH game tho :P
kobe8ph  +   921d ago
Going to pass this up. Another 5hr campaign like the first one and Battlefield3, no thanks.
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