Official Blu-ray site is back to normal

Earlier it was reported that the Official Blu-ray website had been hacked by HD-DVD supporters, to be redirected to a site about HD-DVD. Well everything has now been fixed.

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PStriple7033413d ago

[email protected] dvd

rofldings3413d ago

haha, look at their page source code now ..

joeymp3413d ago


WilliamRLBaker3413d ago

if they we're good enough to hack that site i doubt they will go to jail any time soon.

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Diabloz3413d ago

They have no life there just jelous blu-ray is going to win

Wonderbhoy3413d ago

Stupid little hackers pulling a prank on a site. Probably have no interest in the format war, just did it for a laugh, and it was pretty funny.

Had it been the other way around, BR fans would be laughing...

eagle213413d ago

Tru Blu Heaven.....(birds chirp and fluffy clouds sweep).....

hotshot1273413d ago

people are taking things out of hand

ddldave3413d ago

This shows how desperate HD-DVD supporters are in trying to not lose the HD format war against Blu-Ray Disc. It also shows the immaturity of HD-DVD supporters. Why am I not surprised? HD-DVD is supported by most 360 users. Hacking the BD website shows the stupidity and idiotic mind of a HD-DVD fan, a psychotic maniac in denial that's trapped in a state of jealous rage.

Let's just call this an act of desperation from HD-DVD supporters. Everybody knows that Blu-Ray Disc is the best HD format.

Daz3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

There a lot of immaturity out there and thats all fanboys. Anoth said.

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The story is too old to be commented.