OXM: why we don't need an Xbox Vita

OXM's Edwin writes: "Hey you, the elephant in the room! Bring that massive, touch-sensitive backside over here for a second - it's time for a few home truths. Gosh, you're bigger than you look in pictures. Shinier, too. Must be a real slog getting rid of the fingerprints. Have I mentioned how much I love your thumbsticks, your high res screen and your compact solid state storage format? Because I honestly do. But here's the thing: as tasty a machine as you undoubtedly are, you're not the only elephant in this particular room. There's a bigger beast behind you, a beast with a few cautionary tales to tell. You should be familiar with him. He's your older brother."

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LX-General-Kaos2248d ago

Japan would neglect it just because it was made in the states. That is reason enough as they buy and support hand helds the most.

dirigiblebill2248d ago

Japan "does" portable gaming in a way the West just doesn't. The wireless hotspot culture is something else, it's bizarre.

darthv722248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

it would be neglected if it didnt offer something different. Ipod was basically like any other mp3 player. what made it the success was the service.

IF MS were to try and take on the portable market then they would need to do something that the others have not. A good example would be make the unit be more than just a portable game platform.

Make it a home console as well. Meaning that when you dock it to a tv it serves the purpose as the central media hub for games and entertainment. Much like the current 360/ps3 do but double as a portable when you want it to.

It would seem strange if it were MS to do that considering that i would think sony would go that route first and they still might. The PSP go is a good example of what works in spite of the social damnation the go received.

I use mine on a docking port to watch vids and play games on the tv and then undock it when I want to take it places. Hell even Sega toyed with that idea with the nomad. That was then...when things were expensive to do such ideas.

Now it is technology getting smaller and more convenient that it seems to make sense that the next wave of home consoles could double as portables. The big question mark is the tablet/smartphone market. it is so hot right now that a system that plays games and media just isnt enough in the general consumers eyes.

They want productivity (work related) and communications alongside the entertainment. Basically shrinking down the power of a pc and console into the palm of the hand but still being able to connect it to other devices at will when not on the move.

Then again...brand recognition does have its place so who knows how well something like this would be received if it came with a name like MS or Sony or Apple on it.

Jam_sponge2248d ago

Bad idea. Apple already have that market hugely cornered, Xbox should stick to doing what it does best.

darthv722248d ago

thing is, there were already plenty of media players on the market before apple brought out the ipod. It wasnt so much the device as it was the service and what it offered.

People jumped all over the ipod because of how it was marketed and it just grew from there. The ipod as a player is pretty basic and there are others that beat it with more features or flexibility but because the trend was all about itunes...those devices didnt get the level of exposure the ipod did.

NYC_Gamer2248d ago

MS should just stick with the smart phone/tablet/home console market

PetitPiPi2248d ago

Agreed. I can't wait to get my hands on a tablet running Windows 8.

darthv722248d ago

but what if they were to combine those features into one system? A mobile device that doubles as a console when docked.

We are seeing this trend more and more with tablets and phones but they are lacking real gaming support.

If anything, that is where we are headed in the next few years in regards to game consoles (IMO).

hazardman2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Their Zune HD players are very underrated in my opinion, I can easily see a bigger Zune HD looking real nice as a tablet.

darthv722248d ago

has the 4gb zune and i was impressed by it in comparison to his friends ipod of the same size and capacity. It seemed more flexible with downloading songs and videos to it.

As for that, I know the "zune" itself is no longer in production but the idea of it lives on in the new windows phones and 360. It will too on the tablets.

People will criticize the zune because it came late to the party but it seems it is more criticized because it has MS name on it. Anyone who really gave it a chance would see it is on par if not better than the comparable apple product.

BigBoss19642248d ago

I gotta say I would at least like to see an Xbox handheld

MK24ever2248d ago

With almost a non-existing first-party support, it would be a hard war to fight... Nintendo and Sony have plenty of franchises, Microsoft has Gears and halo, and both games were to milked already to make a big impact.

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