Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions Screens Released

Square Enix has released today, new screens of the newly released game "Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions".

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Relientk772041d ago

Omg this game is amazing. One of the best, if not the best SRPG of all time. (I also love Tactics Ogre, those are my top 2 SRPGs)

Tsuru2041d ago

The people who made Tactics Ogre also were the ones who worked on the production of FFT. So naturally you would enjoy tactics ogre if you've enjoyed FFT.

Relientk772040d ago

I know :-). For me u have it backwards I enjoyed FFT because I enjoyed Tactics Ogre, but they are both fantastic

Lelldorianx2041d ago

This is looking sort of cool. I'm not a huge FF fan, but I do like tactical games like this!

JsonHenry2041d ago

This is my favorite SRPG ever.

Darth Gamer2041d ago

Isn't this also coming to the android os. I really hope so, I absolutely loved this game and would love to play it on my xoom.

Tsuru2041d ago

Planned for the android, but no release date or news as of yet.

banjadude2041d ago

I LOVE this game... but damn, I'm God-awful at it.

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