Eurogamer: The Last Story Review

Eurogamer: Hironobu Sakaguchi helped invent the modern-day Japanese role-playing epic. In 1987, having skirted around the edges of games development at the then-fledgling outfit Square, he decided to give it one last shot before moving on. That project's title has been the basis for one of gaming's most enduring and entertaining contradictions.

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LX-General-Kaos2097d ago

This is to be expected from Eurogamer. I dont think anyone on this site will be surprised by yet another 7/10 for an amazing game. Anyway this game needs your support. Exclusively on the Nintendo Wii

lastdual2097d ago

Sounds like a fair review. Similar to recent Final Fantasies, Mistwalker prioritized story over exploration in TLS.

I'll be getting both Xenoblade and this, so I'll have the best of both worlds :)

Eamon2097d ago

According to IGN the story isn't anything too special.

I'm under the impression that The Last Story isn't a better game than Xenoblade.

Aria2097d ago

The German branch of Eurogamer gave it a 9/10:

TLS is a game that appeals more to...Germans? D:
Seriously though, it looks like this Eurogamer review is the only review I've read that didn't really like the battle system. I've heard a lot of great things about it.