SEGA tease mystery game

Xbigygames writes: SEGA have released a new mystery video via their online blog. The teaser displays the words "The next Dreamcast game", "On XBLA and PSN" and "Guess who's back." The last image on the video is of a small rotating symbol. Despite the video being less than 30 seconds long it has got the internet buzzing.

Our best guess is that it is for Jet Grind Radio. The beautiful cell shaded game was one of the Dreamcast's best games.[...]

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Nate19892482d ago

Best guess? It's obviously jet set/grind radio... Love that game so I can't wait

darthv722482d ago

I'd like to see them make it online co-op or multiplayer. where some can play as the cops and others the taggers.

If sega is inclined to hit up their DC stash for titles then lets see them bring out alien front online. That would do well in this online multiplayer generation.

xflo3602482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Best guess lol thats exactly what i was goin to say!

Hopeing i can stream this to my vita!!

Also sega if your not goin to give us shenmue 3 at least give us a shenmue1 & 2 hd collection. Many thanks in advance

TheColbertinator2482d ago

Old news but whatever.

It might be Typing of the Dead :P

smashcrashbash2482d ago

It's obviously Jet Grind Radio. If I remember correctly that was one of the symbols in the game. The question is, is it a port, remake or a whole new game.

Cpt Jack House2482d ago

Old news, this was on the site earlier this week under the title "Jet Set Radio for PSN and XBLA".

Now just looking at the trailer and seeing that it is not only a downloadable title and a game coming directly from the Dreamcast, I can put two and two together and safely say that it is most likely a port, and absolutely not a new game.